Meet the new Metal card that’s in a league of its own 👀

George Blew

 · 12/02/2021  · 12/02/2021

The flawless feel and sleek style of our classic Metal card is hard to beat. After all, what’s better than a Metal card? There’s only one answer: a 24k gold-plated Metal card, of course. So, that’s exactly what we’ve created. This brilliantly boujie addition to our card collection has a limited supply, so if you want to get your hands on one (who doesn’t?!), you’ll need to act fast.

A gold card that feels as good as it looks 🌟

Some say perfection is impossible. Those people clearly haven’t seen this card. Okay, we know that’s a touch dramatic, and we don’t want to blow our own trumpets or anything, but c’mon, just look at it. It’s like carrying a piece of luxury in your pocket. Actually, it is carrying luxury in your pocket, so make sure you handle with care – gold is brilliant, but soft, and it’ll lose a pocket fight with your keys every time.

High-demand, limited supply ✨

These cards are super rare. Just like gold, they’re highly sought after but supplies are limited. So you’ll need to be fast to secure yours. Luckily, ordering one is quick and easy, just head over to the ‘Cards’ section of your app to get started.

Go on, be a little boujie this holiday season 🎁

We know these cards are a little extravagant. Heck, they’re plated in 24k gold. But, let’s be honest, if you can’t treat yourself over the holidays, when can you? It’s the perfect time to give yourself the gift of gold. After all, you deserve it.

Real gold isn’t the only thing unique about this card. Unlike other Metal cards, you don’t need to be on a Metal plan to get one – but you do need to be quick!

Ready to get your 24k gold-plated card? 👑

✨ Check that you’re using the latest version of the app
✨ Head to Cards > Add card > Debit card, and select the new gold-plated card
✨ Pay for your new card
✨ Try to contain your excitement while you wait for your card to arrive
✨ Bask in the brilliant glow of gold whenever you shop