🔐 Introducing 3D Secure Payments

Christos Chelmis

 · 08/27/2019  · 08/27/2019

Online fraud comes in many forms, but then so does protection. We’ve introduced 3D Secure (3DS) to Revolut, to help fight against fraud, and keep you safe.

3DS is a step you take when buying something online using your Revolut card. If you’ve ever bought something online with another card, then you’re probably already familiar with the general concept.

Historically, this kind of verification, while necessary, has been kind of annoying. You go to buy something, and have to enter your mother’s maiden name, plus a series of random characters from a password you forgot months ago.

3DS on Revolut is simple. If you’re paying with your Revolut card on a website that uses 3D Secure, we’ll automatically send you a push notification. This push notification will ask you to open the app, and tap on ‘Confirm’. Simple as that. If for any reason you don’t get a notification, you’ll just need to open the app and tap on Confirm.

Note: 3DS confirmation happens before the transaction is made, meaning your payment could still be declined after you confirm it in the app, for any of the usual reasons payments get declined, such as insufficient balance, blocked card etc. Just so you know.

Why do we need 3DS?

3DS is important because it helps us to verify that it really is you who’s using your card. It’ll also be law from 14th September 2019 for us to have 3D Secure in place for all of our customers. For this reason, you won’t be able to turn 3DS off.

When does 3DS apply?

There are two parts to this. 3DS only applies to ecommerce payments. That is, payments made for things you buy online. It does not apply when you use your physical card in a shop, at a chip and pin machine, for example.

The second thing to note is that 3DS only applies to certain ecommerce payments. Revolut has no control over which ones it applies to, as this is handled by merchants individually.

Does 3DS apply to Mastercard and Visa?

Yes. 3D Secure supports both Mastercard ID Check, and Verified by Visa.

3D Secure is there to help keep your account safe from fraud. It’s an important new feature, but we understand that any extra step can feel like a hassle. It’s why we’ve worked hard to make it as seamless as possible, but of course, we always welcome your feedback.

If you find anything amiss while using 3DS, let us know by emailing 3DS@revolut.com