How to build your personal brand

Jocelyn Kaylee Neo

 · 06/01/2020  · 06/01/2020

These days, job applications don’t begin and end with your CV. Sure, it should be perfectly polished, but there’s just so much more you can do to stand out from the crowd. Personal branding, for one, can help you reap the results you desire.

“Building a strong personal brand has opened many doors for me,” shares Jocelyn Kaylee Neo, Revolut’s Employer Brand Manager for Asia Pacific. Today, we share her best suggestions for how anyone can get started with personal branding.

Cover your digital bases

A LinkedIn account is your key to the digital job market. Make sure that you have a professional profile photo, upload a banner image, update your key achievements, and ask peers for recommendations. Leveraging all your social accounts to share content relevant to your expertise will boost your wider profile, too.

Put your best work online

A digital portfolio gives prospective employers a valuable glimpse into your experience and skills. There are lots of easy-to-use services such as Wix, SquareSpace, and Namecheap to help you to create an attention-grabbing website. Be sure to include the URL on your CV and social profiles.

Highlight your personality

Make your use of colours, words, and visuals in your digital portfolio, CV, and social channels reflect your personality. Employers hire for both skills and character traits - especially if it’s a creative role - so give them a real story of who you are.

Go behind the scenes

How you deal with obstacles says a lot about your character, and that’s what discerning employers hire for too. Show your grit and resilience - perhaps by online-journaling the problems you’ve encountered and how you’ve overcome them. Remember to be careful to always comply with privacy agreements.

Engage in various platforms

Put the old investment adage “don’t put all your eggs in one basket” to the test. Besides using your own social accounts, try diversifying your efforts. Earn bylines by being a guest contributor on your favourite small publications/websites, collaborate on ad-hoc projects, or take up speaking engagements at community events.

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