Currency Symbols of the World Listed

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 · 04/18/2020  · 04/18/2020

Currency Symbols

What are the symbols for foreign currency? What does the symbol mean in money? What are the currency symbols for different countries?

To better understand what the different world currency symbols are and how to use them, keep reading.

What Are World Currency Symbols?

World currency symbols each represent the specific legal tender of a particular country. Currency symbols are usually placed before or after an amount of money.

Whether you have your sights set on global travel, conducting international transactions, or want to ace a general knowledge quiz, learning more about money symbols is an important part of your life as a citizen of the world. All currency symbols stand in for the relative worth of a currency in relation to another and pave the way for us to convert money from one currency to another.

The more you understand how your money works both locally and internationally, the more control you will have over your finances.

What is the Currency of All Countries in the World?

What is the franc symbol? What is the money sign for the Zimbabwean Dollar? Where do I find a list of all currency symbols? To answer your most pressing money sign questions, here is a list of countries and their currencies with symbols:

Albania Albanian Lek L
Argentina Argentine Peso $
Armenia Armenian Dram Դ
Australia Australian Dollar $
Azerbaijan Azerbaijan Manat ман
Belarus Belarus Ruble Br
Bolivia Boliviano Bs.
Botswana Pula P
Bulgaria Bulgaria Lev Лв.
Brazil Brazilian Real R$
Cambodia Cambodia Riel
Canada Canadian Dollar $
China China Yuan  ¥
Colombia Colombian Peso $
Costa Rica Costa Rican Colon
Croatia Croatia Kuna kn
Cuba Cuban Peso $
Czech Republic Czech Koruna
Denmark Danish Krone kr
Dominican Republic Dominican Peso $
Egypt Egyptian Pound £
El Salvador El Salvador Colon $
Euro Member Countries Euro
Fiji Fiji Dollar $
Ghana Ghana Cedi ¢
Guatemala Guatemala Q
Guinea Guinea Franc
Guyana Guyana Dollar $
Hong Kong Hong Kong Dollar $
Honduras Honduras Lempira L
Hungary Hungary Forint Ft
Indonesia Indonesia Rupiah Rp
India India Rupiah
Iceland Icelandic Krona kr
Iran Iran Rial
Israel Israel Shekel
Japan Japan Yen ¥
Kazakhstan Kazakhstan Tenge лв
Kenya Kenyan Shilling ksh
Kuwait Kuwaiti Dinar د.ك
Malawi Malawi Kwacha MK
Malaysia Malaysia Ringgit RM
Mexico Mexico Peso $
Morocco Moroccan Dirham DH
Namibia Namibian Dollar $
Nepal Nepalese Rupee Rs
New Zealand New Zealand Dollar $
Norway Norwegian Krone kr
Oman Rial Omani ر.ع.
Pakistan Pakistan Rupee Rs
Peru Nuevo Sol S/.
Philippines Philippine Peso
Poland Polish Zloty
Qatar Qatari Riyal QR
Romania Romanian Leu L
Russia Russian Ruble p.
Saudi Arabia Saudi Riyal ر.س
Serbia Serbia Dinar Дин.
Seychelles Seychelles Rupee
Singapore Singapore Dollar $
Solomon Islands Solomon Islands Dollar $
Somalia Somalia Shilling S
South Africa South African Rand R
Sri Lanka Sri Lanka Rupee Rs
Sweden Sweden Krona kr
Switzerland Switzerland Franc CHF
Syria Syrian Pound £
Taiwan Taiwan New Dollar NT$
Thailand Thailand Baht ฿
Trinidad and Tobago Trinidad and Tobago Dollar TT$
Turkey Turkish Lira
Ukraine Ukrainian Hryvnia
United Kingdom Pounds Sterling £
United States US Dollar $
Uruguay Uruguayan Peso $
Uzbekistan Uzbekistan UZS
Venezuela Bolivar Fuerte Bs F
Vietnam Vietnamese Dong
Yemen Yemeni Rial
Zimbabwe Zimbabwe Dollar $

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The money signs in different countries do not represent the full list of all currency symbols. As cryptocurrencies gain ground in the global market, world currencies have gone beyond being country-specific. Bitcoin, for example, as the most well-known of the cryptocurrencies, has the symbol:  ₿.

The more you learn about world currency symbols, the smoother your journey into the world of international money will be.

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