Adding money to your Revolut account 💰


 · 09/22/2022  · 09/22/2022

Once you’ve finished your Revolut account sign up in-app, you can start spending and saving. But to do this, you’ll need to add some money to your account. Let’s check out how.

What top-up methods can you use?

We make it easy to add money to your Revolut account in a few quick steps. Plus, you can top up however works for you, including with:

  • a debit card
  • a credit card
  • a prepaid card
  • an inbound bank transfer (only through domestic transfer)

Important ⚠️
You won’t be able to use funds added via credit card and prepaid card for any transfer or ATM withdrawal. These funds can only be used for card payments (i.e. shopping)

What are the limits per charge?

There are a few limits to know when it comes to top-ups and transfers. Your card top-up limit is 2,000 - 1,000,000 JPY. As for inbound bank transfers, we allow a maximum of 1M JPY.

Important ⚠️
You won’t be able to receive transfers over 1M JPY to your Revolut account. You’ll need to reach out to the source bank for a recall (‘Kumimodoshi’) to get your money back.

How can you fund your account with card transfers?

  1. Go to the app and tap ‘+ Add money’
  2. Enter the amount you want to charge
  3. Tap ‘Add card securely’
  4. Enter the card details
  5. Tap ‘Add money securely’

How can you fund your account with bank transfers?  (only from domestic banks)

  1. Tap the Japan flag icon next to the account balance in the app
  2. Check the account details for your Revolut account to make a bank transfer
  3. Enter these details at your source bank, and make a transfer

Important ⚠️
Please enter either ‘REVOLUT’ or ‘REVOLUT TECHNOLOGIES JAPANカブシキガイシャ’ to the beneficiary name.
You can only receive JPY from domestic bank, and won’t be able to receive foreign currencies or JPY through international transfers.

Expected timeframe to receive the money ℹ️
If you made the transfer during the source bank’s business hours, the transfer should be complete on the same business day. For the transfers made outside of business hours, it should go through by next business days.
It’s that simple to start adding money to your Revolut account, and you can fund your account your way. Check the app now to get started.