Nine days left to make the most of 5% cashback!


 Â· 11/21/2021  Â· 11/21/2021

Top-up via bank transfer and spend with your Revolut card to get 5% cashback

Campaign period 📆

  • 1 November to 30 November, 2021

How much do I get? 💰

  • You’ll earn 5% cashback of the total card spend amount that was topped up via local bank transfer during the campaign period
  • The maximum cashback amount will be capped at Â¥2,000 per customer

What is the logic for cashback calculation? 🔢

  • Cashback amount is calculated based on the card spend amount from money added by bank transfers during the campaign period
  • You don’t need to spend all your credit or prepaid card top-ups from prior to the campaign in order to receive cashback
  • For example, if you add Â¥20,000 by bank transfer, and spend all Â¥20,000 via card payments, you will receive Â¥1,000 (5% of Â¥20,000). However, if you only spend Â¥10,000 of the Â¥20,000 bank transfer, the maximum cashback you will receive is Â¥500 (5% of Â¥10,000)
  • To take full advantage of this campaign, top-up Â¥40,000 by bank transfer and spend all Â¥40,000 via card payments to receive Â¥2,000 in cashback!

How and when do I get cashback? 📲

  • The actual cashback will be paid out in mid-December into your Revolut account

What’s the maximum top-up amount I can make?

  • The maximum top-up amount you can make is Â¥1,000,000 per top-up
  • If you need to top-up more than Â¥1,000,000, make sure you break it down into multiple transactions that are less than or equal to Â¥1,000,000 per transaction
    Will payments from virtual cards also count towards cashback?
  • Both physical and virtual card payments will count towards your cashback
  • Revolut Card payments via Google Pay, PayPay, dPay will also count towards your cashback amount

Add money to your Revolut account via bank transfer with following steps:

  1. Tap the Japan flag icon on the upper right section of the home screen
  2. You’ll see a virtual reference number associated with your Revolut wallet
  3. Transfer funds from your own Japanese bank account into Revolut by entering your virtual reference number details
  4. If the beneficiary is not automatically generated, make sure to enter “REVOLUT” as the beneficiary of the transfer, otherwise it will be rejected. Some banks may ask you to enter katakana, but you can and should enter the beneficiary name “REVOLUT” in Roman alphabet to process transfers without issues.

It may take up to one working day until the top-up is reflected on your Revolut balance.

  • This campaign is subject to change without notice
  • Card payments must be genuine purchases (for example, card transactions to payment service providers and money transfers are not valid)