Travelling overseas? Take us with you and spend like a local, wherever you are

Revolut Australia

 · 12/14/2021  · 12/14/2021

The world is (finally!) opening up again for Australians, and we couldn’t be more excited. If, like us, you’re planning to jet off across the globe as soon as you can, don’t forget to pack your Revolut card – here’s why...

On our Standard account, you can exchange up to AU$9,000 in foreign currency per month without fees. So you’ll have more money left to spend when you’re actually on holiday.

But wait! We’ve got even more benefits to supercharge your travels. Take a look 👇

Exchange and hold 27 currencies, including GBP, USD and EUR 🤑

You shouldn’t have to stress about spending every time you travel across borders. With our multi-currency accounts, you can exchange and hold money in loads of currencies with just a few taps. You’ll even get instant notifications when your balance is low while you travel.

Spend like a local when you’re overseas with your Revolut Visa card 🏖️

Did you know you can spend in over 140 currencies with our Visa cards? That covers almost anywhere you might want to travel to. And when you sign up, you can start spending right away. Simply link your Revolut card to your device through Apple Pay or Google Pay.

Get great exchange rates with no hidden fees 🔍

Take the stress out of exchanging money and set up price alerts or automatic exchanges through your Revolut app before you set off on your next adventure. So you’re prepared wherever you’re heading.

Keep your friendships intact with Group Vaults 👯

Who paid for what? Who owes who how much? Who had wine at dinner? Questions like these are bound to lead to some awkward moments and put a dampener on everyone's mood during a group trip.

To avoid this, set up a Group Vault and add your friends (they'll need to be Revolut users too) to it so everyone can start contributing towards the trip. Use the money saved here to pay for shared meals and activities, or use our split bills function to easily split costs.

Ready to start planning that sweet, sweet vacation? Download Revolut today and sign up from your phone in minutes.

Happy travelling!

*Fees may apply for transactions made outside of exchange market hours and on certain currencies. For more information refer to