Which credit cards can I use to top up?


 · 09/11/2023  · 09/11/2023


At Revolut, we offer a wide variety of top-up options, so that you can add money in a way that suits you.

If you’re looking to top up via Credit Card, we’ve made the process as simple and straightforward as possible. But if you’re having any issues, this article outlines our key eligibility requirements when using this top-up method.

Accepted credit cards

Please see below for an extensive list of eligible credit card providers. If your credit card was issued by an institution not listed below, please consider using the following credit cards, or topping up via bank transfer.

(There are some cards not on this list that can be used for top-ups.)

*May be listed as AEON CREDIT SERVICE CO., LTD.

(Confirmed by REVOLUT TECHNOLOGIES JAPAN as of 27 July 2023).

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