What is sales revenue?

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 · 09/22/2020  · 09/22/2020

If you’re starting a business, it’s crucial you understand sales revenue, the formula and how to use it. Your sales revenue will be a critical part of your business model, business financials and cashflow.

Some people confuse the difference between sales revenue and revenue income, and inaccurately use the terms ‘sales’ and ‘revenue’ interchangeably. Although they are similar, there is a subtle difference here that’s important to understand. While sales might be considered revenue, not all revenue has to be derived from sales. But what is revenue income?

Below is an explanation on the difference between revenue and income.

Understanding sales revenue

Sales revenue is the total income generated by the sale of goods and or services related to a given company’s operation. It’s often referred to as the ‘top line’ because, in accounting, it sits at the top of the income statement.

Therefore, it’s the total amount of income generated by sales to the company before any expenses or costs are subtracted from the calculation.

Revenue vs income

As mentioned, sales revenue only takes into account the total revenue income generated by sales of goods or services. Companies may generate revenue income in other ways. Therefore, the difference between revenue and income is:

Sales Revenue = proceeds from selling goods or services

Revenue Income= sales revenue + supplementary income sources

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Supplementary income sources

Companies can generate revenue income from selling their goods or services, but many get revenue income from other sources and this must also be accounted for.

Here are some revenue income examples. Many oil and gas companies frequently generate revenue from the sale of assets such as machinery.

However, there are other forms of supplementary income sources, or non-operating revenue. These include donations, interest, royalties, fees and money gained through litigation.

To conclude, sales revenue is not to be confused with revenue income. But what is revenue income? Revenue income is the total amount of income coming into the business over a period of time (monthly, quarterly).

Sales revenue is a subsection of revenue, which is simply the revenue generated from the sales of goods and service provided by the company.

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