Why it might be time to break up with your business bank

James Gibson

 · 05/23/2021  · 05/23/2021

Revolut Business is the challenger financial super app for start-ups, small and big businesses

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As an ambitious SME or a newly founded start-up, you’ve got big goals for the year ahead and you need a partner as ambitious as you are. According to data from market research group Mintel, 42% of SME owners with a dedicated business current account have been with their provider for more than 10 years despite the entire business banking landscape changing. More than 4,400 bank branches in the US alone have closed in the past three years, with consumers doing things differently and managing their finances online.

Empower your power players with company cards

Let your team do what they do best with company debit cards for spending securely online and worldwide. Control and optimize your business finances by tracking spending, setting limits or freezing cards in one tap. Or get virtual cards so your team can spend securely online with added protection from theft and fraud. Plus, you can easily automate expenses with receipt matching, auto categorization and bookkeeping.

Grow from local to global

If you’ve got international ambitions, you’ll know that sending money across borders adds up. With Revolut Business, save money on currency exchange with multi-currency accounts, and receive, hold and exchange money in more than 28 currencies worldwide with no hidden fees. Plus, payments and transfers between Revolut accounts, business or personal, are always free and instant.

Jehan Noon is the CEO at Noon Dalton USA who is offering remote team solutions for businesses globally. With offices in New York, London, Miami, Denver, Philippines and India, Noon Dalton was using multiple different services to avoid fees on international transfers. When they started using Revolut Business, the company was able to use one account in all their markets and pay their partners overseas with ease.

“I had a big frustration with traditional banks in terms of the inflexibility and cost to do international payments, as well as the poor quality of UX and functionality in their mobile apps. For us to easily set up multi currency accounts and do international payments through Revolut Business with no hidden fees, as well as being able to do that straight from the mobile app, has been of great help to us,” said Jehan Noon, CEO at Noon Dalton USA.

Team up with your tools

Meet Marketplace, Revolut Business’ hub for everything business. Find all your tools and apps in a single place, including Revolut apps like Expenses and industry-leading partner apps, like Xero, Slack and QuickBooks. You can even connect your company’s own applications to your Revolut Business account for a completely personalized customer experience.

“Revolut Business integrates to QuickBooks extremely easily which saves me a lot of time. Every transfer or purchase is reported directly to our accounting system without additional manual work,” said Noon.

Get back to business

Whether it’s big plans locally or international ambition, Revolut Business gets it. Stop crunching numbers and organizing your finances and start building your business now and for the future. As the world opens up again, Revolut Business is giving businesses the power, control and time they need to move forward.

Joining Revolut Business is quick and easy, and banking services are provided by Metropolitan Commercial Bank, Member FDIC.

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