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Thibaut Genevrier

 · 11/18/2020  · 11/18/2020

It’s our goal to provide customers with one place to manage all things business – from handling your team’s expenses to automating your business processes. We’re proud to announce that businesses in the UK can now accept payments online, directly into their Revolut Business account.

Keep more of what you earn

Our competitive pricing model offers low fees on consumer card acceptance. We charge a low 1.3% fee for UK and EEA consumer card payments, and a 2.8% fee for all other card payments. Depending on your selected Revolut Business plan, you’ll get an allowance of free UK and EEA consumer card payment acceptance every month, with no extra fees.

Do business like a local

You’ll also save on currency conversions with your Revolut Business account – accept payments in 14 currencies, so that you can welcome even more customers in more regions, without unnecessary fees or additional exchanges. You can keep settled funds in the same currency, or convert them into a currency of your choice at the interbank rate and save on foreign exchange.

Access your funds quickly

Now, you can keep all of your business transactions in one place, no transferring funds to other institutions. Revolut Business allows you to accept, settle and store payments within a single account – without the need to juggle multiple logins and apps. Because your customers are transacting within the same system as your business account, payments are settled next-day, giving you quick access to your funds.

Discover different ways of accepting payments

Integrate our plugins to start accepting payments in minutes

If you use WooCommerce (Wordpress), Prestashop, or Magento, you can set up your website to accept payments using our easy-to-install plugins in just a few clicks –  no development experience required. You can learn more about how to install and configure these plugins by following the easy steps in our plugins guide.

Design a checkout experience that suits your business with our Merchant API

Need a custom-made way to accept payments on your website? Build your own checkout experience using our customisable widget and  Merchant API. Our technical documentation will help your developers to create a payment flow that will truly suit your business’ needs. You can read more about it in our Merchant API guide.

Get started

First, you’ll need to apply for a Merchant Account – an account that sits within your Revolut Business account and provides you with access to more methods of payment acceptance. You can do this from your Revolut Business Portal:

If you haven’t already, sign up for a Revolut Business Account. You can do this in just a few minutes here.

  • Log in to your Revolut Business account, and navigate to the Merchant menu on the left-hand side in the 'Home' tab. Click on “Create Merchant Account”.
  • From here, you can begin your Merchant Account application.
  • Once you submit your application, the Revolut Business team will review it as soon as possible and be in touch with you regarding the outcome and next steps.

This is just the beginning for new additions to our business accounts – stay tuned for our next announcement, coming soon.

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