We’re accepting credit cards! 💳

Rob Braileanu

 · 07/22/2016  · 07/22/2016

You can now top-up your Revolut account using most credit cards! Download Revolut 2.7 from the Apple App or Google Play Store to link your credit card in the ‘Top Up’ section of our App. For now, we’re accepting MasterCard and Visa credit cards; American Express isn’t supported just yet.


Supporting credit cards is expensive for us. We’re working on bringing these costs down, but for now we have to charge a small 1% fee to top-up with a credit card.

Should I use my credit card or my RevolutCard abroad?

It’s significantly cheaper to use your RevolutCard abroad instead of a typical UK credit card. Most UK banks charge around 3% for every overseas card transaction, plus 3% per ATM withdrawal. This means you could be charged up to 6% to withdraw cash from an ATM whilst abroad.


Check out this handy table on Money Saving Expert to find out how much your bank charges.

Banks also add a mark-up on the real exchange rate to make a profit, which isn’t always transparent to consumers. On 28th July, Lloyds bank offered a rate of £1-€1.1. The real exchange rate was €1.18, meaning they’re effectively charging customers (with a £500 budget) a hidden €35 fee before any additional transaction fees.

Check out the table below comparing several UK bank credit cards to get a sense of how much you’re being charged in hidden fees. We take into account the small 1% charge we apply to top-up with a credit card, and assume 50% was spent on card, and 50% was withdrawn from an ATM.


Revolut doesn’t charge to pay with a RevolutCard abroad and allows you to withdraw £500 free from an ATM per calendar month, with a 2% fee thereafter.

Enabling top-ups via credit card is just the first milestone in our goal to make adding money to your Revolut account even easier. Let us know your preferred method to top-up via Twitter, and we’ll see what we can do! 👍