🤹🏻‍♀️ All the world’s a stage for Remote Solutions and Revolut for Business

Aaron Larsson

 · 10/21/2019  · 10/21/2019

Any small business owner with staff who travel abroad a lot will be familiar with the admin nightmare faced by Gavin Clark, founder and CEO of Remote Solutions, a provider of audio visual production services for corporate events around the world.

“Part of the struggle we had is that our guys are out on the road all the time,” says Gavin. “They'd be crossing through multiple countries with multiple currencies, and would come back with multiple receipts. They'd just be thrown on the table. Some would be lost, some would be discarded. We wouldn't even know what some of them were referring to.”

A real nightmare, and one for which Gavin was eager to find a solution.

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🎭 A showman at heart

Gavin used to produce events for a large pharmaceutical company, but as time went by he realised he loved putting on events, not the corporate environment. So he made the bold decision to go it alone.

“Starting your own company is really quite daunting,” says Gavin. “But the benefits quickly completely outweighed the fear of taking that initial risk. The best thing about owning the company is customer satisfaction, knowing that we've delivered a flawless event and that all of our clients are happy. That is what drives us forwards.”

🌎 Remote Solutions for a global industry

Remote Solutions is a truly global business. They are wherever their clients need them to be. For Gavin, that is a perk of the job. “It is wonderful to be travelling all the time. We get to experience these great countries.”

But that brings us back to those indecipherable receipts. Reconciling them was a huge time sink for Gavin and his team, and as a growing business, time means money.

Then there was the hard cost of international transfers — those bank fees soon added up. “Sometimes guys would just spend maybe a couple of pounds for a drink, but then we'd have another £1.50 charged just for the transaction.”

Over time, this meant that poor currency rates and unnecessary charges were hurting the company’s bottom line.

But he soon found a solution. “We first heard about Revolut from one of our colleagues. He's based in Lithuania and was working for us here [in the UK]. He was looking for an account that supported multiple currencies.”

Gavin soon realised that adopting Revolut across the business would have a transformative effect. “It was a breath of fresh air. Having an online tool which allowed us to instantly see the transactions that were being made... We could monitor the spend and have control of it. And then in terms of the admin, it just cut the workload down, almost by half immediately. We could instantly see the savings in the bank fees, and were able to reinvest those savings back into the business. That could be new equipment for events, more people, more marketing.

“It felt amazing. Any opportunity to save money while delivering the same service has to be a win/win. If we hadn't found Revolut, it would have been more difficult to expand.”

And Gavin aims to keep on building the business. “Our initial plan is more growth in Europe, as we feel that there's a great market there. And then we want to expand further, to the U.S. and Asia.”

But the fundamental ethos won’t change. “One thing that's always been very important to me is service delivery and keeping the client happy. I feel a tremendous sense of pride in not only what I've achieved, but what my team have achieved for me.”

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