Grab your umbrella, it’s raining April features 🌈

Daniela Carvalho

 · 04/28/2022  · 04/28/2022

Mix April’s pouring rain with a bit of sun. What do you get? A rainbow of fresh new features and products. They come in all shapes and colours, check ‘em out:

Manage your card like an expert ✨

We love keeping it fresh, especially with cards. Gone are the days where all those tabs gave you a headache. Never lose track of your info by managing all your cards in one in-app tab. You can also stay on top of your money by tracking your spendings per card. Easy-peasy!

Earn higher interest 🤑

Been saving for that Easter holiday? Reach your financial goals faster with increased rates on your Saving Vault. Can you imagine what you could do with that cash? We just got chills! (Available UK only)

Send money in Peruvian Soles 💰

No, we’re not trying to beat some sort of record on currency exchange (but, if we were, we would definitely win). We’ve just added PEN to our list of available currencies. Don’t we just keep sweeping you off your feet? (Available globally, except US)

Save more, get interest paid daily 💵

Create a nest egg, set a goal and put money aside for whenever you need it. And – get ready for this one – you can also open a Group Vault with your friends and family. So simple a five year old could do it (just keep an eye on it, he might think it’s Monopoly money). (Available for PL and UK)

Enjoy Stays with great deals 🏖️

On holiday the sun hits your face, the cool breeze keeps you fresh and your pockets are full. At least, with our Stays discounts they are. Get up to 70% discount if you book in-app. (Available for UK and EEA)

Give your pet more, fur less 🐶

Let’s paws for a second. So you don’t have a Pet Insurance, yet? Don’t wait any longer, get your fur-babies a well-deserved treat. And no, we’re not barking up the wrong tree, we just want the best for your fluffy friends! (Available for UK)

Stay flexible with pay at property 🏡

Welcome to your dream holiday home! You’ve booked your stay in-app and... that’s it. You can leave it there – for now – and pay when you arrive. Pack your bags! (Available for UK and EEA).

Stick around for May-jor updates! 🌸

Don’t close your umbrella yet! That’s it for our April updates, but don’t be sad. You’ll just have to stay tuned for May’s new features. Stay tuned!