Are you ready to disrupt the stock market? We are.

Anna Koutras

 · 08/09/2018  · 08/09/2018

Saving for the future is a tricky one. It’s the sensible thing to do, yet with Millennials leading vastly different lifestyles than their parents did, saving and investing can seem ‘old-school’ and often out of reach. Especially when you consider the fact that investing in the stock market is a notoriously closed-off, pricey and complex area to break into.

But what if we told you that was all about to change? That even investing small amounts each month would be something everyone could accomplish - simply and cheaply.

So why disrupt the stock market? 🤔

Investing has always been an area that’s dominated by those with deep pockets. The inaccessibility and lack of transparency within the stock market has kept the game strictly for the wealthy - but we think everyone should be able to have a piece of the stock market pie!

After all, a new wave of technology has reduced the costs of financial services - cutting down the huge fees that were prevalent in investing. This saw the financial markets benefitting from the changes that tech brought with it, which allowed for increased liquidity and upped the speed at which trading could take place. Theoretically, this should have reduced the cost of trading for everyone, yet brokers ( the middleman between you and the stock market) still charge the average investor between £5 and £10 per trade!


So let’s say you invest £1000 with a traditional broker - you’ll have to pay a £5 fee to begin trading, then another £5 fee when you close out of the trade, that’s a 1% fee. What all this means is that you’ll need to make at least £10 from your trade before you can break even, let alone make any money from your efforts.

While brokerage fees are significantly lower than they were in the 70’s or 80’s they’re still high considering the vast majority of trades are done electronically by algorithms and never even touched by an actual human! Despite all this, even registering with any of the big brokerages is a cascade of tedious paperwork, endless documentation and tricky-to-navigate platforms, that really put ‘regular folk’ off engaging with the stock market in the first place. So we thought - why not make investing free and easy?

How are you doing things differently? 📲

Just as we set out to fix banking, the time has come to fix trading for the better too. We’re going to ditch the commissions and demystify the process of being able to invest in the stock market, and the only way to do this is with clarity, clever tech, zero commissions and a no bullshit approach.

The commission-free Revolut trading model aims to make life so much easier and smoother for any would be investor. And, if you’re already a Revolut user, signing up will be a whole lot quicker and easier than it would be to sign up with a traditional broker. With a user-friendly interface, our mission is for you to be able to see at a glance, exactly where you want to put your money.

The idea is that you’ll be able to support the companies you love and engage with everyday - buying stocks as part of a diversified portfolio. So just as you might throw £100 into a savings account each month - you’ll be able to do the same, only with stocks - so investing for your future can finally become an attainable reality.

I’m sold! When can I start investing? 🤑

If all of the above has got you raring to go, this is the part where we tell you about patience being a virtue....

Like everything at Revolut, we value speed and accuracy, yet we know that good things take time. Rushing processes can mean delivering a product that’s subpar - and that’s just something we won’t do.

Through careful precision and meticulous planning, our commision-free trading platform will meet the high demands of our user base, but that means we need to put in some serious hours to make that happen. Ultimately, being clued up when it comes to your money is what keeps you one step ahead in the game of life. After all, it’s what we do today that’s going to make a difference tomorrow.

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