Are you Revolut’s new VP of Global Expansion? 🌎

Will Mahon-Heap

 · 10/01/2019  · 10/01/2019

We're on the lookout for a VP of Global Expansion. Think you're up to the challenge? Find out what we've been up to so far.

Visualisation is a powerful thing. Athletes know it, and if you’ve ever come up against a seemingly insurmountable task which you were determined to master, you might know it, too.

At Revolut we were never going to be content with serving people in a single country, or even on a single continent. The whole point of our existence as a company is to break down financial barriers for everyone. A worthy mission, sure, but one that’s easier dreamt of than realised.

Global expansion presents a cluster of serious and complex challenges. If you’re reading this, then you definitely know that. We’re on the lookout for a VP of Global Expansion at Revolut, someone who understands the needs of the people who use our products, and who has the experience and grit to plant us firmly in new territories around the world.

Our journey so far

Let me start with a problem, or rather, a point of inspiration. We’re talking remittance between Australia and Europe. The Australian Consumer Competition Authority indicates that Australians get ripped off. They pay 11% above the OECD* average for transfers on their money.

*The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development

How is that still okay? We don’t think that it is, and so we set out to change it. Now that we’re live in Australia, as a Revolut customer you can send a peer-to-peer transaction, in any currency, to another Revolut customer across the globe, instantly and for free.

Back up a little…

This whole expansion thing really took off in 2017 in what I would consider an… experimental fashion. Five of us were hired to come up with a way to launch in one or two markets each. Eventually we settled on: the USA, Canada, Singapore, Australia, and Japan.

The journey was long, longer than any of us had anticipated, with a constantly shifting global landscape of regulatory reforms and commercially agreeable partnerships with ancient financial institutions taking months to land.

It gets better… way better

As of right now, we’re live in four of these markets at various stages, from testing to external beta. Not a bad outcome for a lean team of hustlers.

We moved fast, we broke things, we learnt our lessons and now we're ready to double down. It’s a hard job for one launcher, but we’ve deployed teams globally, and are proud to have offices in New York, Singapore, San Francisco, Melbourne, Toronto and Tokyo.

The experiment is almost complete. We’ve proven that it’s possible to take this company global, and now we are putting our foot on the gas. It’s time for Expansion 2.0, and we couldn’t be more pumped.

That’s where you come in

I’m looking for our boss. I’m looking for someone with experience in launching a billion dollar company in multiple markets. Ideally you know the world, and have spent time dealing with, and living in different countries. You’ve worked with product before, and get how the tech works. You’re also a proven and natural leader, someone who inspires those around them.

You’ll be ready to pick up our team and the tools we’ve created, improve our systems and processes, and ultimately increase our addressable target market by > 800 million customers in the next 18 months. You’re ready to lead and build the Global Expansion team, version 2.0. Tell us your vision, and we’ll execute it.

This is a challenge like no other, but if you can visualise the result, then together we can make it happen.

Will and the expansion team

Up for the challenge? Check out the role description and apply.