August Edition: What's new from Revolut Business

Emma Potter

 · 08/09/2021  · 08/09/2021

We’ve been working in overdrive to make things easier for you. August brings you stacks of all-star updates to keep your business running smoothly. From automatic reminders to better integration, we’ve tweaked some features to save you more time.

Notify your payment recipients

Keep in contact with your payment recipients easily. Send email notifications to let recipients know they’ve been paid, and add email addresses to your counterparties to send notifications automatically whenever you pay out. Paying for services has never been simpler.

Automate invoice reminders

Forgotten invoices? With this feature, you can say goodbye to chasing missed payments. Toggle automatic invoice reminders on to send an invoice email out to your payees. Choose from different scheduling presets to save time, and add notes to invoices to share any extra info with your customers.

Merchant account integration in Xero

We know how essential integration is to keeping your business running smoothly. With Xero, merchant account integration is simple. Get your Xero invoices paid straight into your Revolut account, marked as paid automatically. Sync merchant transactions with Xero and make getting paid seamless.

Disable expenses approvals

Make expenses a breeze. Toggle the approvals process on or off using the web app. Once off, documents like invoices and receipts won’t need approval before they’re exported. No more jumping through hoops to get everything signed off. Turn approvals back on any time you need to in the Expenses app.

That’s all, folks

All our updates are designed to create a seamless experience for you and your business, giving you more time for the important things. Check back next month for more Revolut Business updates.