Australian wildfires — We need your donations 👨‍🚒👩‍🚒

Marsel Nikaj

 · 01/16/2020  · 01/16/2020

Record-breaking temperatures and months of severe drought have caused widespread wildfires across Australia since September.

So far, 24 people have been killed, including three volunteer firefighters. Approximately 11 million hectares of nature have been scorched, and over a billion animals have died. The BBC also reports that over 2,000 homes have been destroyed.

People are doing what they can, but these horrific fires may continue for months. We need your help.

Revolut supports the Australian Red Cross and WWF

Revolut is supporting the Australian Red Cross and WWF to raise emergency funds, which will be used to assist ongoing efforts and help survivors — human and animal.

The Australian Red Cross

Please note: All funds will go directly to the Australian Red Cross Disaster Relief and Recovery Fund.

The charity’s Australian arm has set up 69 evacuation and recovery centres where the emergency teams are currently assisting with everything from emergency accommodation to locating missing loved ones.

From the charity’s experience in emergencies, it’s known that donations of money, wherever possible, helps affected communities to recover sooner.


Emergency funds will help WWF Australia teams along with local organisations to carry out work including:

  • Providing emergency funds to care for injured wildlife
  • After the fires clear, helping restore homes for koalas and other wildlife, planting the first 10,000 trees urgently needed in koala habitats
  • Supporting the response, recovery and restoration teams in any other way necessary.

How you can help ✌

Donate as little or as much as you like with Revolut Donations. Choose to round up your spare change and donate the difference, set up a recurring payment of any amount, or make a one-off donation of any amount.

To donate to the British Red Cross (supporting the Australian Red Cross) go to Dashboard > Donations > British Red Cross

To donate to WWF, go to Dashboard > Donations > WWF

Thank you, and our deepest sympathies to those affected.