Become a Revolut Affiliate Partner

Help us introduce Radically Better Accounts to the world. Whether you're a blogger, comparison site, or publisher join our affiliate program and earn great commissions by promoting Revolut and Revolut for Business to your audience.

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How it Works

Click the link above to sign up to our program, Impact. Once your application has been approved, we'll provide you with unique tracking links and materials to build a successful Revolut campaign.

Your users get compelling Revolut introductory offers, and you'll earn great rewards when they sign up.

Why Revolut?

🚀 Europe's fastest growing fintech

Drive maximum value from your campaigns, with hundreds of thousands of new users joining Revolut every month, across Standard, Premium, Metal, and Business.

📢 Massive brand reach

As one of the world's most innovative brands, Revolut attracts outsized media attention and reach.

📈 Setup for success

We will provide everything you need to succeed, including tracking software, performance reports, banners widgets, content briefs and multi-currency payout.

Become a Revolut RETAIL affiliate 📲   Become a Revolut for BUSINESS affiliate 📲   Become a Revolut RETAIL affiliate (Singapore) 📲


Who can apply to become an affiliate?
Anyone can apply to become a Revolut affiliate, and we already work with hundreds of leading publishers, influencers and partners all over Europe. Please note, affiliate applications from inappropriate sources will be rejected, for example adult and gambling sites.

How do I sign up?
Simply click one of the buttons above to sign up via our platform Impact.

Your application will be reviewed within five working days. Once approved, you can begin promoting Revolut immediately and start earning great commissions. You can login and see your performance and earnings at any time.

If you already have an account with Impact, please click 'I already have an account'.

Please note: you must provide your full name (if an individual) or legal business name (if a company) under "Account Display Name" field. Applications submitted without a full name will be rejected.

Can I promote Revolut for Business?
Yes, and the program offers great rewards. Revolut for Business affiliates will need to demonstrate a business-specific audience. Sign-up here.

Can I promote both Revolut and Revolut for Business?
Yes you can. After you've signed-up to promote Revolut, click the link above to become a Revolut for Business affiliate then hit "I already have an account".

Why is there a separate section for Singapore-based affiliates?
Due to local marketing regulations, all affiliates wishing to promote Revolut Retail in Singapore must sign a specific local contract.

How do I get credited?
You will be provided with a unique tracking link on Impact. After signing up via your link and topping up, new users will be able to order a free Revolut card. You will be credited upon card order.

For Premium or Metal upgrades, you will be credited 14 days after new users that sign up via your link make the upgrade.

For Business customers, you'll be credited when the customer has fully onboarded and paid their first month's fee.

For all events, please allow up to 2 hours for tracking data to appear on Impact.

What level of commissions do you pay?
Details of commissions are provided when signing up to the service.

When will I be paid?
Payments are monthly, on 30 day terms.

Become a Revolut RETAIL affiliate 📲   Become a Revolut for BUSINESS affiliate 📲   Become a Revolut RETAIL affiliate (Singapore) 📲