Sweet dreams for beddable and Revolut Business

Aaron Larsson

 · 10/06/2019  · 10/06/2019

Thousands of businesses and freelancers use Revolut Business to manage their finances — but who are these people?

As part of our new Series-B (where the B stands for Business), we highlight some of the most unique and interesting businesses on our platform and give them the opportunity to share their journey, challenges and highlights with a wider audience.

In this edition, we met up with Joe Ozkanli, Co-founder of affordable luxury bedding company, beddable.

😴 Why Revolut means sweet dreams for beddable

beddable’s business model is simple: the company sells luxury bedding online and delivers everything you need for a good night’s sleep, straight to your door.

But behind that simplicity lies a complex supply chain. beddable sources products from many different countries, including Japan, Portugal and Turkey. When founder Joe Ozkanli set the company up just over a year ago, he was looking for a solution that minimised the costs of international money transfers.

“Starting a business is really challenging,” Joe says. “Every single penny you save is important.”

Fortunately, help was at hand.

“I first heard about Revolut through a friend of mine. He kept bragging about its favorable exchange rates, and I started using it as my personal account. And then when I launched beddable it was the natural choice for our business.”

The company has calculated that by using Revolut it saves around 1% on every payment it sends to its international suppliers. The exchange rates are more favourable and international money transfers were fee-free.

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“We invest that money back into our business to grow our marketing channels. Marketing is really crucial for us as a small business.”

Those savings may have been the primary motivation for choosing Revolut, but Joe has seen other benefits flow into the business. It integrates seamlessly with beddable’s accounting software, enabling Joe and his business partner to concentrate on what really matters, rather than tedious admin.

⏰ For small businesses, time is money

“For entrepreneurs, time is our biggest asset. You have to do a little bit of everything. The fact that Revolut integrates with our accountancy software saves us hours of work every month. It's precious time that we can put into other areas of the business.”

Not many entrepreneurs start out on their own because they love manually processing receipts. For Joe - who was born in Turkey - it’s no different.

“My passion for textiles comes from my home country. Turkey is famous for its cotton, and my family’s business is textile manufacturing. So I grew up in this environment. I love the different constructions and the feel of different fabrics. I remember being a little kid, running through my dad's shop touching and feeling different fabrics. Being in the same business now really takes me back to my childhood.”

He is also driven by a desire to help his customers get a good night’s sleep. “The importance of sleep is not very well recognised, unfortunately,” he says. “It has a big impact on mental as well as physical health. Proper bedding products can help you sleep longer and better. What inspires us every day is to bring better sleep to a wider audience. After a great night's sleep, I feel much more energetic, much more powerful and much more motivated.”

And it’s not just quality bedding that gives him and his business partner sweet dreams.

“Revolut puts our minds at ease. And that's why we can sleep better.”

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