Behind the Scenes: Landing the Rocketship in Singapore

Jocelyn Kaylee Neo

 · 04/06/2020  · 04/06/2020

Chester is one of our users-turned-Revoluters. While he’s looking after Revolut’s growth in Singapore as our Growth Manager, he is already looking into launching Revolut in new markets. Chester's first interaction with us was as an undergrad in London when searching for a multi-currency account. Intrigued by the product, he dug deeper into the business and loved the way Revolut was solving this problem. He’d been reluctant to step onto the traditional banking and consulting career conveyor-belt that many business school graduates gunned for. Instead, he was looking for a young startup that was fast-growing, ambitious, and determined to radically change an industry. Revolut was exactly that, and Chester wanted in.

The bright-eyed Hult International Business School alumnus took on the daunting task of launching Revolut in Singapore as half of a two-person team in a tiny room. The initial days of trying to break ground in a new country were chaotic; for starters, he had to establish Revolut as a fintech company in the highly competitive Singaporean market. On top of that, he also had to find ways to quickly operationalise the business and hire people to take over and run the Singapore business. As he got to the latter, the team of two soon became three, and later grew to seven.

A defining trait that the pioneering team shared was “a massive entrepreneurial appetite”. There is palpable energy in his voice as he describes it: “In the earlier days, the people Revolut needed in Singapore were sprightly self-starters with great ambition and who were ready to jump into the thick of it and simply get things done. At many times, we were wearing multiple hats. There was no option apart from succeeding in bringing Revolut to market, and we all embodied that in our personal mission.”

The result? The successful set up of the Singapore department, which is now home to more than 25 employees and serves as the regional headquarters for Asia Pacific. The larger team today is no different when it comes to self-starting, although Chester certainly finds it incredibly helpful that there are an increasing number of teammates who have had experience in taking businesses to the next level. More specialists have since come onboard, bringing perspectives and skill sets that he believes will enable Revolut to grow bigger and go further.

Even with the growth of the team, Chester and his fellow pioneers have deliberately kept team culture fluid. “As we grow, a more diverse range of personalities start coming in. We have the builders, the process-oriented, the creatives, those who see big pictures, and those who see the finer details - and we build a culture that leans in to everyone’s strengths so we can all be the best version of ourselves and do our best work here.” And truly, the team has done some brilliant work so far. With thousands of daily active users and partnerships with big names like Visa, Apple, and Google, the team in Singapore is only getting started.

Do you share the passion that Chester and the Singapore team have for Revolut? We’re hiring in various locations, so come launch your next adventure with us. Who knows where this rocketship will take you?