Behind the scenes: Perks for medical professionals during Covid-19

Jocelyn Kaylee Neo

 · 05/04/2020  · 05/04/2020

When news of the Covid-19 virus first reached us, Singapore, like many countries around the world, began to feel nervous. Yet, our medical professionals remained calm in spite of their personal fears. Inspired by their dedication, our Singapore Revoluters began asking themselves, what can we do to support our frontliners? Eeshan Sridhar, who leads Revolut’s Strategy and Operations team in Singapore, takes us backstage for an exclusive view.

Every campaign begins with bouncing ideas off the walls, and that’s exactly what Eeshan and the team did. They focused on the important things: how can we help our medical professionals, what resources can we contribute, and how can we involve the wider Singapore community? It didn’t take long before they arrived at a proposal that beautifully intersected the three: taxi/ride rebates made possible by community donations through the Revolut app, increased cashback, and partnerships with other companies looking to support the medical community. With that, the Medical Energizer campaign was born. And the next thing to do was to figure out how to get it done.

Revoluters have a voracious appetite for work, and so finding space in their workloads for a new project at short notice wasn’t easy. But each member temporarily relocated some of their existing work to the back-burner so the campaign could become a priority. “Singapore’s medical workers are putting up a tremendous fight each day. We wanted to show our gratitude towards them in meaningful ways, and one of those ways was to act quickly so they could access the practical perks as soon as possible,” shares Eeshan.

Before the perks could go live, there was a sea of operational details for the team to figure out. They had a hundred questions buzzing around their heads: With whom can we partner to make those perks available? How do we get medical professionals to sign up for our perks? How do we prove their occupational identities? How can we minimise the risk of identity fraud? How do we get our Revolut users onboard with making donations? How will we communicate this initiative?

At Revolut, we believe #StrongerTogether is always better, so it was only natural that the Medical Energizer Campaign would be a product of internal collaboration and external partnerships. The Operations team mapped out the onboarding and payout procedures; the Growth team joined forces with partners such as Visa, PolicyPal and StashAway. The Legal team liaised with the Charities Unit on local charity regulations; the FinCrime and Product teams ensured that Revolut would be able to receive and disburse donations seamlessly. Finally, the Communications team wrapped it all up and introduced the campaign to Singapore.

Their efforts paid off. Within the first hour of its launch, the Medical Energizer campaign had raised more than SGD 2,000 - an amount that gave 40 medical workers a week’s worth of ride rebates. “It is amazing to see what we, as a larger community, can achieve when we come together in times of crisis,” says Eeshan. At this time of writing, the Campaign has been running for two weeks, and has raised enough to contribute over 1,500 discounted rides to the medical community.

No one knows what the coming days will bring, but one thing’s for sure - the human spirit is far stronger than this pandemic, and together, we will overcome and thrive once more. If you live in Singapore and would like to donate to our medical professionals, download the Revolut app and make your contribution. And if you want to be part of a Revolut team that makes magic happen, explore opportunities on our careers page!