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 · 01/29/2020  · 01/29/2020

By Jen Johnson, Revolut Contributor

It’s been more than a decade since Apple trademarked one of tech’s catchiest-ever slogans: “there’s an app for that”. The company used the phrase in its 2009 TV ads to show off the sheer number and variety of mobile applications that were then available for iOS devices – and it still rings true today in the world of small business apps.

Whether you’re looking to order a Thai green curry in under an hour or find a date to a friend’s wedding, there’s an app that can help you find what you’re after. The right small business apps can even help streamline your workflow and make day-to-day operations more efficient.

What are you waiting for? Take that new smartphone out of the box and make sure you’ve got plenty of cloud storage. You’re going to want to download these fun (and functional) apps for small business that can boost your productivity.  

Here are 6 great small business apps to get you started:

1. Slack

We’ve all promised to “send a few quick emails” before lunch – and ended up working straight through to 3pm without so much as a sandwich. Thankfully, the self-styled collaboration hub Slack is helping to make long-winded correspondence a thing of the past. The instant messaging platform lets team members send quick fire messages and share files in group chats known as channels.

Slack is designed to replace email, texts and instant messaging for teams that are always on the go. With desktop and mobile versions, it’s easy to keep track of what everyone is up to – no “best wishes” or “kind regards” required.

2. Google Drive

Google’s file storage service – and its associated apps – are indispensable if you’re working across various offices or time zones. The Drive offering includes spreadsheet programme Google Sheets, word processor Google Docs and slideshow maker Google Slides. Together, the three tools make up an office suite that lets you collaboratively edit everything from a simple document to a major presentation.

The files you work on are stored in the cloud for easy access from any device. This means that if your laptop dies while you’re waiting to catch a flight, for instance, you can keep working from your smartphone. Foolproof.

3. FreeAgent Mobile

This accounting app puts business finances in the palm of your hand. With FreeAgent mobile, existing FreeAgent users can snap photos of receipts to record their expenses as they move throughout their working days. The app also lets users, edit and send invoices directly from a mobile device. Meanwhile, its easy-to-navigate dashboard can display information about which invoices have been paid, and which are outstanding.

When it comes to analysing your cash flow, there’s beauty in simplicity – and there’s a lot to be said for keeping your important figures up-to-date and on hand.

4. Evernote

Are you one of those people that needs to keep a to-do list to function? Do you constantly leave a little trail of reminder notes in your wake? You can take your organisational habits into the digital age with Evernote. This app lets you save and share both business and personal lists, reminders and notes. It also supports a wide variety of note types, including audio, images, sketches and scanned documents.

With a truly powerful search function – which can even recognise text inside pictures – Evernote promises to bring a method to your madness. And you’ll never misplace an important idea on a Post-it again.

5. Revolut Business

We’ve made it easy for our Revolut Business customers to get the most out of their accounts with us. Our app lets you track all of your balances and transactions in real-time, on a single dashboard. And you can hold, send or receive funds in up to 28 currencies.

You can also integrate your Revolut Business account to the tools and apps you use everyday with our Revolut Connect offering. Think of it like an app store that caters to your business banking needs – just select the app you want to connect and follow a few simple prompts. Now, your business account can ‘talk’ to your accounting software (including FreeAgent), budgeting tools or even Slack.

6. Headspace

The world’s most popular meditation app isn’t just for people looking to sleep better or reduce stress. But let’s face it, who isn’t? According to Headspace founder Andy Puddicombe, 10 days of using the app will improve your focus by 14 percent. So even if meditation doesn’t seem like your idea of relaxation, there’s plenty of reason to give it a try on your lunch break.

Headspace offers a series of short guided meditations aimed at people who are new to the practice. And it can be a perfect excuse to build a little “me time” into a hectic day.


A fresh start in Q1 is the perfect excuse to get downloading. Did we miss out one of your picks for the best mobile apps for small business? Tweet us your recommendations!

From all at us at Revolut Business, may you have a very 'appy and successful first quarter.

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