Hot Desking - OneNine5's Alex Stewart talks time management and travel hacks

Sarah Hiraki

 · 03/09/2020  · 03/09/2020

Today in the Hot Desking hot seat, we welcome Alex Stewart, entrepreneur and co-founder of OneNine5, an eco friendly travel brand. Inspired by the legacy of Sir David Attenborough, Alex started his company to help reduce the amount of single-use plastic that makes its way into our oceans every day.

You may remember Alex and his sleek, stylish products from our Series-B videos, where he shared his story about saving time and getting down to business with Revolut.

Now, Alex is about to face the ultimate test of his travel expertise and time management skills; testing those behemoths of the viral video scene – travel hacks. Armed with only a hacksaw, a power drill, and a pair of scissors, can Alex rise to the challenge? Find out:

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