Book a Stay, pay nothing 'til you're there🏖

George Blew

 · 02/23/2022  · 02/23/2022

Since the launch of Stays last year we’ve seen our amazing customers booking beautiful accommodation all over the world. But we got to thinking: what if you find the perfect place to stay but you’re just not ready to fork over a bunch of cash? Given everything that’s happened in the last couple of years, it’s fairly likely. So now we’re giving you the option to pay when you’re at the property instead of when you book! And it’s super easy to do – take a look:

Pay for it your way

Whether you’re running low on dough after a particularly pricey festive season, or just don’t feel comfortable locking in a trip just yet, you can set your mind at ease by putting off payment until you’re at the property.

You’ll still score cashback

Paying at the property still includes all the benefits of Stays, including the juicy cashback. After all, just because you choose to pay later, shouldn’t mean you can’t cash in. Just pay with your Revolut card while you’re at the property and we’ll make sure you still get up to 10% cashback on every booking.

Choose from even more properties

Not only does having the option to pay at the property mean you can get more peace of mind, it also means we’re about to offer you thousands of new places to stay! Have a scroll through Stays and you’ll see some really stunning new additions. We just know there’ll be something in there you’ll love.

Seems like the only question left is: where will you go?

Ready to find your perfect Stay?

☀️ Make sure you’ve got the latest version of the app
☀️ Head to Hub > Stays
☀️ Find your ideal accommodation
☀️ Choose to pay for it now or at the property
☀️ Get excited for your stay!

No booking fees are charged by Revolut, but fees and charges from accommodation providers may apply. Travel insurance T&Cs apply.