Building and Retaining a Dream Team

Rosie Blow

 · 08/19/2020  · 08/19/2020

It’s only natural that as any company culture evolves, the values should too. We weren’t looking for a story about our new value ‘Dream Team’ when we caught up with Marc Saade about the recent release of our Credit Products in Lithuania, but it became clear that this was a shining example of our culture. As Marc, who is the Product Owner for loans, says: “Our culture trumped the challenges that Covid-19 presented. We over-communicated in order to get things done.“ Let’s explore how they’ve got to where they are now.

Structured for success

Credit is a unique team with intricate challenges, heavily regulated and greatly variable by market. This means the team must be structured in the most efficient and practical way. At Revolut, a core team leads the charge, creating the best possible products for our customers. They’re supported by local service teams who are best placed to understand their customers and local laws.

With this structure, it’s possible to tailor individual team missions, but the top-down directive and business objectives act as their guiding star, helping them stay aligned. “There’s no point in running unless you’re all going in the same direction” he tells us, and this structure empowers them to get direction from the top, but enough internal mobility to adapt to changing priorities.

Strategically placed to win

A key part of a dream team is knowing where to put your players in the best places to win. Everyone has their unique strengths, and it’s not a failure to recognise that not every person will excel in every area. Instead, there’s enormous strength in stepping back if you know that someone else has a skillset that’s better suited to a task than yours. This just gives an opportunity to grow or develop. Marc says: “Radical candour in regular feedback sessions means that everyone is constantly learning from each other, and we’re always raising the bar of what great looks like”.

Dream Team

Marc’s philosophy translates to high productivity and low turnover, and he credits a lot of this to a relentless focus on culture fit right from the outset. When recruiting for new roles, it doesn’t matter how perfect a candidate’s experience is, if the culture fit isn’t right, it’s going to be a bad call in the long run. There have been times when they’ve taken the difficult decision to not hire an amazing candidate based on a misalignment of values. The result is a tight-knit team with a mix of veterans who can get things done quickly and newcomers who bring fresh perspectives.

Particularly impressive is the transparency abundant in the credit team. It flows beautifully and seamlessly through to the product they’ve created: “Many lenders want to keep customers in the dark when they are borrowing, so that they have more control. But we’re in it for the long term, and want to build an honest and open relationship with our customers, where we’re totally open with them about their borrowing”.
If you want to join the Revolut Credit Dream Team, they’re hiring! Check out all of our open roles.