Business 101: Launching our new blog series

Sarah Hiraki

 · 06/01/2020  · 06/01/2020

Whether you’re a seasoned entrepreneur or just starting out in the world or business, taking an active approach to learning is critical to ensuring your future success. Technology, legal guidance, and best practices change quarter to quarter, but the foundations of financial management tend to stand the test of time – that’s why we’re launching a new series: Business 101.

What is Business 101?

Business 101 is a twice-weekly content series where we’ll walk you through some of the most commonly googled terms and questions related to starting and running a business. We’ll cover topics such as company cards, managing your expenses, profitability, and cash flow.

Who is Business 101 for?

Everyone – from student to C-suite. We’ve created this series to be accessible for beginners, yet full of tips, tricks and resources that established business owners can benefit from. It never hurts to brush up on the basics and pick up some new skills. We hope that you come away from reading these new blogs with a better understanding of the fundamentals of business finance as well as some new lingo to impress your accountant. Know someone who would love this series? Share it with them, and bask in the kudos.

Where can I check it out?

You’ll find new posts on the Business 101 tag every week. Simply bookmark this page or follow us on our social media channels to keep up with the latest: Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram.

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