12 Days of Revolut Business

Sarah Hiraki

 · 12/24/2019  · 12/24/2019

We have an incredible network of businesses using Revolut Business. This year, you’ve been able to hear their stories and even share some of your own. While we love to geek out with our biggest business sectors (technology, software and finance) we wanted to take the time to celebrate some of the industries that get a little less attention.

On the first day of Christmas, my fintech gave to me...

A cosy Christmas jumper

We have just one client working in preparation and spinning of textile fibres. Cosy!

Two baby grand pianos

We have two clients who sell musical instruments wholesale. Gather 'round!

Three chocolate oranges

We work with three businesses that grow citrus fruits. Zesty!

Four mugs of builders’

There are four businesses on Revolut that process tea. Nothing like a cuppa.

Five ice creams!

We work with five ice cream manufacturers. It's never too cold for ice cream!

Six green juices

Six of our clients make fruit and vegetable juice. Sip sip hooray!

Seven heavenly cheeses

And seven make butter and cheese. I'll bring the crackers!

Eight tidy chimneys

Eight of our customers own furnace and chimney cleaning services. Santa approved!

Nine Christmas trees

Nine Revolut businesses work in silviculture and other forestry activities. Oh tannenbaum, oh tannenbaum!

Ten fluffy pillows

Ten manufacturers of soft furnishings use Revolut. No fighting!

Eleven holiday cards

We work with eleven makers of paper stationary. Signed, sealed, delivered.

Twelve ready meals

And twelve manufacturers of prepared meals! Yum!

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Featuring illustrations by Sodavekt