Back the Future - 20 Questions with Gerard Edwards, Podcast Radio

Sarah Hiraki

 · 02/20/2020  · 02/20/2020

Gerard Edwards is the Founder and CEO of Podcast Radio, London's first radio station devoted to podcasts. The service launched earlier this month, and has plans for global expansion. We asked Gerard 20 questions about Podcast Radio and how he uses Revolut Business.

What’s your title, and how long have you been with your business?
Founder and CEO, the company was formed over a year ago. It went 'live' at midday on Tuesday 11th February 2020.

What’s the “elevator pitch” for your business?
A speech-based radio station showcasing podcasts.

What Revolut for Business plan is your company on, and why did you choose it?
I chose the whole platform for its modern feel and ease of use.

What’s a common bit of comment/praise that you hear from your customers/clients?
People have said we are "disrupting the audio industry," that we’re "...a brand new colour on the palette of speech radio," and that Podcast Radio "brings back the powerful feeling of radio in the 90’s."

What’s your most used Revolut feature? Why?
Quick, repeat payments to the same accounts.

What’s your favourite Revolut for Business feature? Why?

The safety and online access, with a digital card to help when the physical card isn't accessible.

Name five things that are in your wallet right now.

  • Business cards (textured and take up way too much room...but worth it)
  • Traditional bank cards
  • A supermarket points card that should actually be on a keyring (won't say which one)
  • Driver's licence with my old Liverpool address on it...which is annoying
  • A piece of paper saying, “make time to fill in that Revolut interview thing.”

What was your most recent business purchase?
A deposit for an additional broadcasting area (called a multiplex).

If you could go back to when you first started out, what’s a piece of advice you’d give yourself?
Be chilled, every opportunity eventually reveals a way to do better and be better.

Tell us about your business goals for the next year.
Steal listeners, make various international partnerships, and launch overseas.

Do you have any rituals or habits that help you to be more effective at work?
I wear bright yellow, blue-light-blocker glasses (even though I don't wear glasses). I was embarrassed at first, just to try, and I feel much better after seeing screens for lengthy times. I just look a little like Bono.

Are there any slogans or mottos you live by in your business life?
“Showcasing Podcasts” is literally the company's slogan (all radio stations have one, and if you can say it in two words, you've nailed it).

You have a lot to manage, what’s your best time-saving tip?
Be sure of the staff members you're hiring, believe in them once you have them, be a true team player.

How do you balance work and the other aspects of your life? Any tips?
I play football on the weekends and sing in a band other nights.  My style of 'dancing' on stage gives me more injuries though.
Spend time with loved ones.  They'll put up with things like "we've chosen a new piece of accounting software" four times in one night....
And they'll tell you, "...that's the fourth time you've said that."

Would you describe yourself as a small business? Why or why not?
Yes and no.  Small, fantastic team - with a mass media production and a disrupter attitude that has gathered interest from BBC Radio 4 Media Show, talkRADIO, plus US and European media outlets.

What’s left on your to-do list for today?
Call a national broadcaster back (can't tell you which one...about a partnership deal).  And eat pizza – equally as exciting right now.

What do you want the Revolut for Business community to know about your business?
Don't be ripped off when making great audio for your brand, but make sure you're making great audio. And! People are noticing if you don't have 'audio' or 'listen' or 'podcast' in your drop down options of your home page.

What’s the biggest misconception people might have of you as a business owner?
That I had external money to start the company with. Year one of research and development was my own cash, and I gave up dinners out to spend on it.

Did you have any missteps in starting your business? What were they, and how did you bounce back?
Trusted companies who said they had products they didn't. Be polite but see proof.

What’s on your desk?
Notes for an interview with Coleen Nolan and tickets to the RAIN Summit in New York (that’s short for “radio and internet news”)


Want to find out more about Podcast radio? You can check them out on Twitter and Instagram, and connect with Gerard on LinkedIn.

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