2019: A year in numbers

Sarah Hiraki

 · 01/10/2020  · 01/10/2020

You made 2019 the biggest year ever for Revolut Business.

We helped you launch your start ups, grow your client lists, and leave more time for the important stuff. As we head into 2020, we wanted to take a minute to reflect on the past 12 months, and celebrate what we’ve achieved together.

In 2019...
You submitted 235,609 expenses.

Our freelance account holders took in £11,656,184.52

You scheduled payments as far ahead as December 2022.

Monday was your favourite day of the week to use your Revolut Business card.

September 2 was our busiest day with 48,393 transactions.

Your cardholders transacted in 160 countries,
and transacted in an average number of 4.7 countries

Big or small. Global or local. We want to thank you for an incredible year, and raise a glass to many more years of business success.

From all of us at Revolut Business, Happy New Year

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Featuring illustrations by Sodavekt