Calling all accountants and bookkeepers

Sarah Hiraki

 · 06/29/2020  · 06/29/2020

Revolut Business has launched a Partner Programme designed specifically for the needs of accountants and bookkeepers like you. So you can stay one step ahead, saving time and money for you and your clients.

What is the Accountant and Bookkeeper Partner Programme?

Join hundreds of accountants and bookkeepers using Revolut Business who are increasing their productivity and simplifying their clients' lives.

How does Revolut Business help accountants and bookkeepers?

Revolut Business is tailored to Accountants and Bookkeepers:

  • Access all of your clients’ accounts easily with a single login
  • Connect seamlessly with other accounting software like Xero, Sage, FreeAgent or QuickBooks
  • Set up and schedule payments for your clients to approve
  • Pay multiple invoices using bulk payments
  • Pay your team quickly. We use the fastest payroll payment methods –at no additional cost to you.

How does Revolut Business help your clients?

Revolut Business is so much more than just great features for you. By introducing your clients to Revolut Business, you can help offer them an account that’s tailored directly to their needs – and that sets them up for success so they can focus on their business. They can:

  • Create an account online in minutes
  • Access company cards for global spending without the hidden fees
  • Manage expenses with no stress. It's quick and easy for their team to submit expenses on the go, you simply review and approve
  • Issue physical and virtual cards, track spending in real-time for your team

What are the programme benefits for members?

As an official partner of Revolut Business, you’ll:

  • Be recognized as an official Revolut Partner
  • Network with our Revolut community of 400,000+ businesses
  • Have early access to new and exclusive features
  • Get free premium accounts for partners and discounts for clients
  • Receive attractive commissions
  • And more

How is this programme different from others at similar institutions?

Our programme offers an unparalleled set of benefits because we designed it based on three key principles:

  • We provide real value to our partners. In addition to priority support, direct access to your clients’ accounts, and many integrations to increase your productivity, no other institution offers up to 10% revenue share to be used according to your wishes - collect it, forgo it, or even donate to a charity (coming soon).
  • We are here to help you grow. We feature our engaged partners in our content, webinars and events we give them exposure to our network of 400,000+ businesses and 12 million retail customers
  • We listen to your opinions. We give our partners early access to our new features and services. We want you to tell us what needs to be improved and we will work with our product teams to make it happen.

*See Terms and Conditions

How do I get started?

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