An introduction to the Revolut Business Partners Programme

Sarah Hiraki

 · 04/17/2020  · 04/17/2020

If you find that you enthusiastically talk about Revolut Business a lot and you recommend it to your clients, colleagues and network, it may be time to join our inner circle.

The Revolut Business partnership programme is centred around growth partnerships that allow us to connect with your client base, audience or readership, in exchange for exposure, referral bonuses or direct product integrations through our Open API.

What is a Revolut Business partner?

Our partners engage with us in three ways; by earning commissions for referrals, through sponsorship, or by becoming Perks Partners.

The first of these is our partner channel. Our partners make up a large percentage of our partnership programme and 99%+ of these agreements are based on business referrals for commissions. You can think of these partners as our external sales team. We provide them with training, support, content, product info and financial incentive to spread the word about Revolut Business.

Other partners may wish to receive an upfront fee or sponsorship deal. This is rare but does occur when we feel the organisation is a perfect brand fit and their existing demographic matches our own. If you meet the requirements, we’ll work with you to create a bespoke arrangement.

The final way partners get involved with us is by becoming Perks Partners. It’s important to note that not all of the organisations listed on our Business Perks page are also part of our growth partnership programme. The aim for the growth partners that are, however, is to leverage our client base. So rather than performance-based commissions or one-off fees, the mechanics of this partnership are based on a shared interest in growing one-another’s business.

About our partners

So who are our partners? We can’t share all our secrets, but what we can say is this: if you have a large and/or relevant audience/client base, then we would love to hear from you.

We’ve been lucky enough to partner with some amazing organisations across Europe to help generate our well-known ‘hockey stick growth’ and the key to these partnerships is brand alignment. So many industries are now enjoying free-thinking challengers who want to find better solutions for their clients - this is who we want to hear from!

Our partners range from superstar startups to companies that have been around for decades – it’s really all about having an engaged audience.

What’s it like being a Revolut Business partner?

"I’m personally using Revolut Business for my company and I’m very happy with that jump. Moving from my old traditional account to Revolut, saves us money in the 5 figure range every year, but more importantly, we’re saving a tremendous amount of time. Things just always work, smooth UI, handy API to automate things. We love promoting Revolut simply because we're using it ourselves, and know it's the best account provider out there – thank you Revolut."

– Johannes Larsson, Read more from Johannes here.

How to become a partner

If you’re excited about the opportunity or up for the challenge, you can register your interest by simply filling in this form. We’ll review your application within 48 hours. If you have some questions before you apply, no worries, Just drop us an email at