Five signs it’s time to upgrade your Revolut Business plan

Revolut Contributor

 · 01/15/2020  · 01/15/2020

by Maha Elley, Revolut Contributor

So, you’ve been using our free Revolut Business plan for your SME and all is going swimmingly. We’re pleased to hear it! We’ve designed our free plan to offer a small business all the support that it needs in its very early stages.

As your business starts to grow and thrive, you may very well find yourself in need of some extra support. Now could be the right time to start thinking of the next step in your Revolut Business journey, with an upgrade to one of our paid plans. We’ve carefully designed these plans to offer you the additional support you need as you grow and scale your business, with a host of extra tools, perks and features.

The question is, how do you work out exactly when you should upgrade? And how will it help you manage your growing business?

All good questions. Here are five signs that you may have outgrown your free Revolut Business account and how an upgrade can benefit your business:

1. You’ve made your first hire

Growing your team? The aptly titled ‘Grow’ Revolut Business plan increases your user allowance by giving up to 10 team members access to your business account. This means that they’ll have their very own shiny corporate cards and are fully equipped to avail all our tools and features to help manage the company’s finances. The ‘user permissions’ feature means you can set individual permissions for each team member and retain control of what they can see and do within the account.

If you're a UK business, you and your newly hired team members will also be given access to a range of offers and discounts from a curated selection of partners. Keep an eye on our Perks page as we’re always adding new offers to our list!

2. You’re launching in a new market

Launching in international markets is an exciting step for any business, but it can also be slightly overwhelming. Make the process a little more seamless by upgrading your Revolut Business account to ‘Grow’ and you’ll get 10 free international transfers a month. You’ll also get a £10k allowance of FX at the real rate, allowing you to instantly exchange 28 currencies with no markup.

Need a higher allowance or more free transfers? Check out our Scale and Enterprise plans to find the best fit for your business needs.

3. You’ve hit a busy season

A busy season is a cause to celebrate for any SME owner, but you may also need a little extra support to handle all those additional financial transactions. Upgrade your Business plan and you’ll get immediate assistance whenever you need it, with priority support available 24/7 for all our Grow, Scale and Enterprise users.

What does this mean, exactly? You’ll get dedicated assistance from our support team at any time of the day without having to wait around - we’ll whisk you straight to the front of the queue.

4. You have more expenses to manage

Let’s face it, expenses can be a bit of a pain to deal with. If you’re sick of sifting through multiple paper receipts and foresee more expenses in the coming months, upgrade your account for an easier life. Our Expense Management tool will enable you to capture receipts on the go and manage your expenses with ease.

5. You need to make bulk payments

As your business grows and the size of your team increases, it’s likely that you’ll be making more payments. Want to create multiple payments at the same time? Our Revolut Business ‘Grow’ plan simplifies the process by allowing you to upload a bulk payment file and create multiple payments at once.

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