Hot Desking - Plant Pops’ Anushi Desai talks product development and ASMR

Sarah Hiraki

 · 03/02/2020  · 03/02/2020

Anushi Desai co-founded Plant Pops when she noticed a lotus seed-shaped gap in the UK snack market, and has been encouraging everyone to "snack differently" ever since. Plant Pops are naturally vegan, gluten free, and not cooked with palm oil – so they taste good, and are good for the planet. In 2019, Plant Pops were awarded Best Snacking Innovation World Food Innovation Awards.

We first met Anushi in our Series-B videos, where she told us about her experience launching her business with Revolut.

Now, Anushi is back in our all-new video series – where we’ve challenged her with a 100% vegan, gluten-free and super-crunchy ASMR experience. Will her snack recipe give you head tingles? Or just a headache? Find out if she succeeds in her video below:

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