May Edition: What's new from Revolut Business

Amey Turner

 · 05/13/2021  · 05/13/2021

Do big things this month with our latest news, updates and innovations. Discover new ways to drive your business forward so you can make your next big move.

Your account has had a spring clean

Revolut Business has a new look and a more personalised experience. We've updated our Revolut Business web app and the new, simpler navigation makes it easier and quicker to move around your account and manage your business. Find and connect all the tools you already use in our Marketplace, including Revolut Business apps like Expenses and partner apps like Xero, QuickBooks, Slack and Zapier. Plus, you can now personalise your account menu by pinning your favourite apps and tools for quick and easy access.

Discover easy-access statements

We improved monthly statements in January, and now we’ve made it even easier to access all types of statements in one place, including:

Monthly statements  as a PDF or CSV
Transaction statements - slice and dice financial activity of your business by transaction types, transfers direction, company cards, currency and other filters. For complex analysis, and you can export them to CSV of PDF files
Statement of balances as a PDF
Account confirmation as a PDF

Just tap the Statements button or go to the Statements section in Settings to view and manage all your important documents.

Simple card management is here

You can now manage your physical and virtual debit cards on any platform. View and copy your card details and PIN, adjust monthly limits, and order cards for your team members anytime, anywhere, on any device. With our company debit cards you can control your team's spend with a tap - set limits, track, and freeze or unfreeze cards, stay on top of your online spend with virtual debit cards and get extra protection from theft and fraud, spend like a local with debit cards worldwide in over 150 currencies, and get iconic, sleek metal cards for you and your power players. Plus, your money is safe with our award-winning anti-fraud system.

Get first access to our Payroll beta

Easy payroll is coming to Revolut Business. Review, approve, and pay your employees in just a few clicks and much more:

- Make payments straight from payroll
- Get instant accounting reports
- Give your team more than their salary with early payments, and access to payslips
- Enjoy stress-free legal reporting
- Let your team self-onboard

Running your payroll has never been easier. Join our Payroll waitlist on your main menu or by navigating to Marketplace.

Onwards and upwards! More new features and updates next month.

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