Meet our latest Perks partner: Paymo

Sarah Hiraki

 · 05/19/2020  · 05/19/2020

With many of us working from home for the foreseeable future, it’s a great time to take a closer look at the tools we use for collaboration. In an effort to help you keep working smarter, no matter the circumstances, Revolut Business is excited to announce our latest Perks Partner: Paymo.

What is Paymo?

Paymo’s motto is “Work better, wherever you are.” Paymo is a productivity and time management platform designed to help your whole team on the same page. Paymo helps you manage tasks, create team schedules, track work time, and bill your clients from the same platform. With Paymo, you’ll have everything you need to your team aligned and engaged, wherever they are.

What’s the Perk?

Paymo is offering Revolut Business customers a 60% discount on any paid plan for 3 months. That's a total value of $21.51 for the Small Office plan, and $34.11 for the Business plan.

Perks, typically available to all of our Grow, Scale and Enterprise company plans, as well as our professional freelancer plans – are available to all plans for a limited time. To get started with Perks, simply visit the Perks section of our web app, and select your Perk. Then, follow the simple instructions to purchase or register with each service, app, or company.

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