Can you help us take Revolut For Business global?

James Gibson

 · 10/22/2019  · 10/22/2019

Two years ago when we launched Revolut for Business, our goal was to create business account that was 10x better and 10x cheaper than the average offering.

A lot of long nights, a little sweat and a few tears later, and we’ve received 200k applications for business accounts. We’re highly appreciative, very proud and more excited than ever.

Now we’re setting our sights on global expansion, and need a global team to make this a reality.

How did we get here? 🚀

We wanted to create a product that people wanted to use, not that they had to use. Business finances aren’t exactly sexy, and traditional institutions haven’t exactly gone out of their way to do anything about it. We decided to change that.

Our personal or ‘retail’ Revolut product launched in 2015 and quickly started to grow. Soon after, we got the message that it wasn’t just our personal customers who were being ripped off and having a hard time — these customers have businesses, too, businesses with exactly the same problems, just on a bigger scale.

So we launched Revolut for Business in July 2017, and were lucky enough to have a small cohort of businesses already on our side, run by people who knew there were better options when it comes to business finances.

Since then we’ve developed and scaled a product we’re proud of. One which offers:

What encourages us the most is the thousands of businesses that sign up with us every week. Today we’ve hit 200k business applications received in Europe! So here’s to the customers who’ve joined us so far. We know that it’s still early days for us and we are just getting started, but thank you.

Let's go global 🌎

We’re not stopping here. Revolut is launching in the U.S. 🇺🇸, Singapore 🇸🇬, and Australia 🇦🇺, with a number of other countries in the pipeline. And we’re hot on their heels.

We plan to launch the business product in these countries as soon as possible. The demand is huge and there’s so much potential to improve how businesses operate globally. But we need the right people and ideas to make this a reality.

Who we're looking for 👊🏻

A couple of weeks ago, we announced plans to hire 3,500 people as we partner with Visa to expand our product. As a part of this, we’re scaling our Revolut for Business team, and we’re looking for the right people to take this global.

We expect to face many complex and exciting challenges, and we’re looking for people who have the ambition, perseverance and focus to overcome them.

We’re hiring for Revolut for Business product roles in London, Berlin, Moscow, Krakow and Vilnius. We need highly ambitious people who want to build an incredible product. We’re looking for product owners who can lead from day one and who want the autonomy to build products that our customers love. We’re also on the hunt for designers and developers who turn these ideas into reality.

Do you want to be part of a world class team that makes a product customers love? Do you want to take a product global? If you’re up for the challenge, check out our open roles.

Interested? 🤔

Want to meet us in person? Look out for our popular #RevRally events in Berlin, Warsaw, Krakow and London in October, November and December. Follow us on LinkedIn for more news and updates.

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