Revoluter Diaries: A week in Milano, Italy with our Communications Manager

Jocelyn Kaylee Neo

 · 03/01/2021  · 03/01/2021

Welcome to our new Revoluter Diaries series, where we move across the globe to give you an exclusive peek into the lives of our Revoluters. Who are they? What do they do? What goes into reinventing how the world does money?

Today, we have Valeria Alunni, our Communications Manager living in Milano.


  • 7am - Torture myself with a gym sesh. Why do I do this?!
  • 9am - Walk through this week’s activities in a team meeting.
  • 1pm - As I chow down on lunch, I realise the reason behind my daily workouts: I eat too much 😛
  • 3pm - Arrange for interviews with regional media about local customer spending behaviour. Draft a press release about the advantages of Revolut's paid plans.
  • 7pm - A friend’s coming to visit. It’s been four months since we last saw each other, so I’m going to cook something nice for her! 🍽

Today’s highlight
I’m not a chef, but my savoury pie was good-looking and tasty. My friend loved it!


  • 7am - With all this technology, you’d think someone would’ve invented a way for us to workout in our sleep. Some day 😴
  • 11am - Revolut Italy is always getting new products and features out to the 500,000+ customers we have. So at our team huddle this morning, we take a look at some fun ways we can introduce these updates to our market. Always exciting to be working on new initiatives!
  • 2pm - Quick lunch, and then I compile some insights on our customers’ spending habits for one of Italy’s top newspapers. Did you know that contactless payments in Italy grew by 12% in the last year? Revolut is at the forefront of this change 🙌🏻
  • 7pm - Wrap up. Call my sister. Say hi to my little niece.
  • 9pm - Couch and Netflix kind of evening! The equivalent of a long-haul trip during a pandemic.

Today’s highlight
A friend sent me flowers, so this is my #WFHsetup for today 🌹


  • 7am - Run at the park. I need some fresh air.
  • 10am - I talk to a couple of journalists about Revolut’s decision to let its 2,000+ Revoluters work from anywhere - permanently. With this new flexible working policy, it means we can work from a roof terrace in Milano, a cascina in Tuscany or a boat in Sicily 😍
  • 1pm - Dog-sit for my neighbour while I work. Hi Argo! 🐶
  • 4pm - Show up for a digital event. My line manager is guest-speaking on Revolut’s strategy and latest developments. Also a great way to get updated on market shifts and competitor activities.
  • 8pm - Roasted chicken, mashed potatoes and a glass of wine. Treating myself tonight.

Today’s highlight
Running against this breathtaking backdrop of a park  🏃🏼‍♀️


  • 9am - Post-PR launch homework: collect and read the articles published about Revolut’s permanent flexible working policy. Also check what’s new in the media.
  • 11am - Mandatory company-wide training on fraud and fincrime.
  • 1pm - Weekly huddle with the Global Communications team. We have over 15 team members from Europe to the US, passing by Asia Pacific. It’s really interesting seeing how communications works differently in various parts of the world.
  • 3pm - Write and review some text for a media partnership we’re launching next week.
  • 5pm - A call with the Revolut Business team. Some cool updates in there but you’ll have to wait to hear about it! 🤫
  • 9pm - Weekly shark behaviour and safety course (!!). I love sharks and I can’t wait to meet them when travel opens up again 🦈

Today’s highlight
Revolut Metal cards got featured in an important magazine. So cool!


  • 7am - HIIT-workout.
  • 9am - Track the results of our past activities and get ready for new ones. Content is usually king, but today, data is.
  • 12pm - A journalist calls to discuss an editorial opportunity. We work out the details for this video-news feature in a big media. Score! 🌟
  • 2pm - I have the afternoon off. Restrictions have eased a little so I’m taking advantage of the freedom as we have it. Weekend hike it is. My dear Alps, I’m coming! 🏔

Today’s highlight
Oh, the Alps. Without a doubt.

How did a week in Valeria's shoes feel like? You could have a similarly brilliant career with us. Find your opportunities on our Careers page.