How James Burt is influencing the next generation’s relationship with money

Jocelyn Kaylee Neo

 · 01/11/2021  · 01/11/2021

Revolut is on a mission to reinvent how the world does money, and that puts Revoluters in a unique position to influence how people relate to their finances. This is especially so for young children, who are most vulnerable to having the value of money eroded due to the rise of eCommerce and increasing adoption of digital payment methods.

We find such an influencer in James Burt, who is our Operations Manager at Revolut Australia. He recently brought Revolut Junior - a product aimed at instilling good money habits in children - to the Land Down Under. His ambition? For Junior to become the go-to money app for families with young ones.

Starting conversations about money

Like learning a language, financial literacy is a proficiency that is meant to be taught and mastered with practice. Yet, it is a skill often overlooked amongst linguistics and sciences, and frequently discovered only through the school of hard knocks. Junior was born to close this gap, and when James had the opportunity to bring it to Australia, he knew he would work relentlessly to make it happen.

“Revoluters are ambitious problem-solvers who want to shape how people interact with money. With Junior, we’re giving parents the tools they need to introduce basic money behaviours, such as setting weekly allowances and making kid’s earnings conditional on chores.”

What results is a relational, rather than transactional, relationship with money, which James believes will put children in good stead for the rest of their lives. And that’s what makes the work of Revoluters so important.

Delivering WoW to customers

Junior is a child-facing app, so naturally, parents raised needs surrounding visibility, control, restrictions and security. To make that happen, James worked closely with teams across product development, compliance and card payments.

“Revoluters are big on meeting customer expectations, which often begin from understanding what they want. We’ve prioritised safety and privacy so children can learn about money in a protected space, and that puts parents at great ease.”

With the successful launch of Junior, James and the team will be moving at full-speed ahead to get other exciting Revolut products and features onboard. An example would be Revolut Rewards, which helps customers save more money with discounts and cashback deals.

“Delivering WoW is at the heart of everything we do, and it’s a value that’s built deep within our business strategies. Every pain point we solve with innovative solutions incrementally builds into a great business and lasting social impact. That, is what we’re here to do.”

Do you share James’ mindset towards creating impact and delivering value? The Revolut Australia team is expanding. Explore your interest here.