Malkhazi Jighaurishvili: “Every day is a new day to choose growth”


 · 05/04/2021  · 05/04/2021

When I left beautiful Georgia for Poland, I fully expected a buffet of adventures and challenges. But there was no way I could’ve predicted the life I have right now. I’ve been with Revolut for just over three years, and I’ve gone from a role in Customer Support to Shift Lead Assistant and Product Expert. Every day is a new day to choose growth, and I’d like to share some thoughts on that.

Get intentional about learning

Growth isn’t something that happens by chance; it’s something that’s cultivated and practiced. As Product Expert, I work across a range of topics such as product features, case consultations and card payments. There was definitely a steep learning curve bridging my prior experience in customer support to where I am now, and I made sure to take every opportunity to equip myself.

Take on new challenges

I also took on the mantle of training Customer Support agents, and in doing so, found myself feeling a great sense of responsibility and nervousness in equal parts. But the desire to help other professionals serve our customers was stronger, and it turned out to be enough for me to find my place in this new role.

Look into areas for improvement

The Customer Support team takes a lot of pride in serving our customers. We want them to know that the person on the other end of the line really cares about their situation, and is fully focused on finding solutions for them. Sometimes, we get feedback and suggestions from customers, and that’s when we consider how we can integrate them into our development plans.

Share the Revolut journey with one another

The best thing about being at Revolut is getting to work with professional people who bring so much passion to what they do. There’s nothing more important than feeling like you can trust your colleagues, and that’s the way we respect each other here. We’re all unique and united in our mission, that is to reinvent how the world does money, one satisfied customer at a time.

We’re always welcoming of new joiners coming onboard, so why not send in your application through our Careers page? I look forward to working with you!