Playing devil’s advocate with product launches: Natalia Golec and Monika Kursa

Jocelyn Kaylee Neo

 · 03/11/2021  · 03/11/2021

Natalia Golec and Monika Kursa are a lean, mean Product Launch Specialist powerhouse supporting Revolut’s expansion in non-European markets. Based in Krakow, the pair has gotten their hands deep in 100+ product releases and updates across 30 countries till date. Let’s dive right in.

Cześć, Natalia and Monika! How do Product Launch Specialists support Revolut’s business?

“Think of us as the holding pad between the before and after of a product launch. Here in the in-between, we test products and make sure they’re customer-ready. We raise new escalation paths, coordinate product updates and releases across markets, and train our Customer Support teams to successfully resolve related customer queries.”

So you play devil’s advocate.

“In a way, yes. Revolut is big on delivering wow to our customers, so we take on preventive lenses to identify potential kinks in the customer experience and work with Expansion teams to redesign features or process flows.”

What are some products or features you’ve contributed to?

“The biggest one has to be our Australia and Japan launches. Then, there’s also the introduction of local bank transfer top-ups in our North American and Asia Pacific countries. More recently, we’ve been involved in several new promotions across all these different countries. There’s always something new happening, so we’re waking up to something new everyday.”

Sounds like you’ve traveled the world without even leaving your seats!

What do some of your other wins look like?

“Being able to turn our customers’ feedback into implementable ideas and going live with them, and training Customer Service Agents to increase customer satisfaction.”

Any insider preview of what product updates we can expect next?

“We’re sworn into secrecy.”

Oh, come on.

“This much we’ll tell you - we’ve been at Revolut for a combined tenure of 4.5 years, so we’ve seen a lot. When we first started, new product launches and updates in the non-European markets where we function were few and far between. Now, it happens daily: Trading, Commodities, Crypto, Transfers, Donations and so on. Things are happening at an incredibly quick pace; the company’s and our professional growth both reflect that.”

That’s a good one.

How have you grown on the professional front?

“Our mindsets and capacities have expanded simultaneously with Revolut’s product footprint. We’ve also experienced team transitions, new skill applications and grown alongside a diverse, supportive global community.”

Dziękuję Ci, Natalia and Monika!

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