RevLabs: Making flexible working permanent with our cool real estate strategy

Jocelyn Kaylee Neo

 · 02/26/2021  · 02/26/2021

Throughout the pandemic, Revolut has focused relentlessly on its goal to build the world’s first truly global financial superapp. While working from home, our Revoluters broke barriers to launch Revolut in three new big markets (hello USA, Australia and Japan!), add new products and services, and onboard exceptional talent.

Since then, our Revoluters have expressed the desire to, as our VP of People Jim MacDougall puts it, “balance the convenience of home with the camaraderie of the office”.

So we listened and introduced flexible working. Rev Labs was born to make that permanent, and to offer everyone the best of both worlds.

Here are a few ways Rev Labs, our innovative real estate strategy, will complement the way Revoluters work.

Saying yes to high-energy, face-to-face collaboration

We’ve reconfigured our existing office spaces to dedicate 70% to collaborative conversations. Revoluters can use them to brainstorm, conduct training, and exchange knowledge.

“Our people have told us that they missed colleagues and the chance to collaborate face to face on key projects… Revolut is a fun, exciting place to work and we want Rev Labs to preserve that energy,” adds Jim.

High-fiving personal productivity when working from home

Revoluters who’ve adapted well to working from home can continue doing so. “Our people really love the better balance they’ve achieved,” says Jim.

Our RevPlace Experience teams continue engaging Revoluters by bringing internal events and initiatives online, and have even introduced a new scheme that helps Revoluters complete their ergonomic workspace set-ups.

Rolling out the welcome carpet for more new Revoluters - worldwide!

Did you know that we currently have more than 100 nationalities onboard? That number is set to increase as we hire across the world and build increasingly borderless teams. Come join us as we reinvent how the world does money!