Cleverly control your team's spending with Spend Controls

Richard Johnson

 · 05/25/2022  · 05/25/2022

‘Looks like someone used the joint debit card to withdraw cash…who’s got it today?’

‘Did we remind the Sales team only to use their cards on food and hospitality for their conference trip?’

Sound familiar? These questions are asked between directors, finance teams, and employees, every month, in all kinds of industries. And it’s time that changed.

Because knowing your business spends money is one thing. Controlling it and tying it to your budget? That requires a little more fine-tuning. So our Spend Controls feature can help you easily manage your team’s spending from a debit card level, even before it happens.

Spend Controls give you a range of ways to proactively manage spending on cards across your business. While all your employees can have their own physical and virtual Revolut Business debit cards, you’re the one with the power to control who can spend what, and where. While you’re at it, you can keep an eye on things with real-time data available 24/7, all in our app.

Here's how to make the most of Spend Controls:

Set single transaction limits

Need to limit how much employees can spend in a single transaction? It’s easy. Our card controls help you set a maximum spend or ATM withdrawal amount on a per-transaction basis, for any debit cards in your business.

Set specific spending limits

Give your staff the freedom to buy what they need with physical and virtual debit cards, while you control who can spend, and when. Set daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly limits that fit perfectly within your budget.

Define Allowed Categories to keep on budget

Define where your employees can spend their company’s cards with Allowed Categories. From restaurants, to shopping, software subscriptions and more – you choose what your company debit cards are used for, and from which merchants. Perfect for avoiding surprise expenses and accidental overspending.

Where to find Spend Controls in-app

Select any card from your list and click on ‘See all’ on the Spend Controls widget (get there by clicking the button below). It’s as simple as that – you’re ready to begin.

Remember to keep your eyes peeled – we'll be adding even more new, smart shortcuts to manage business spending very soon.

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