Community Spirit: On Returning to Revolut

Sonja Polimac

 · 02/27/2020  · 02/27/2020

“We did it once with banking, and now we’re going to do it again with credit.” Rostislav Chuklin, a Lead Software Engineer in our Credit team displays the same electrifying energy for credit as those that upended the financial industry with Revolut. He talks about his work on developing our first credit product with an excitement that is at odds with the average person’s experience of credit options currently available from traditional banks. But with someone who has as deep a relationship with our product and people as Ros does, it makes sense.

Ros was our first Revolut Boomerang; employees who left for greener pastures before realising that they weren’t finished with their Revolut journey quite yet. He originally joined us in 2017, as the first front-end engineer in London when Revolut was still just a small startup in fintech incubator Level39. After a six-month hiatus from April to November 2018, he realised that he was missing the excitement of contributing to changing the financial game in a meaningful and tangible way.

But for Ros, it wasn’t just the work that he was doing that kept him tied to Revolut: it was the people. While still at Revolut (the first time!), he built strong friendships that kept him coming back to the office at least once a month while he was working elsewhere. For many, the impact of working at Revolut is that your colleagues start to feel like family: you lean on them in the toughest moments of leading this financial uprising.

Of all the wonderful stories that Ros tells about his teammates at Revolut, the one that stands out the most is his first meeting with our founder, Nik. For a first meeting with your new CEO, you’d expect that there would be at least a degree of formality before you get to know each other properly.

Ros describes the moment with a smile on his face: “usually in Russian we’re very formal with names on first meeting, but when he introduced himself to me with a nickname that only close friends would use, I knew that this guy was down-to-earth and would be great to work with.” To Ros, it was a sign of how our core values resonate throughout the company, from the top down. Forming good relationships and being ‘Stronger Together’ aren’t just empty words. We’re living them every day.

So the decision to come back was an easy one; not only was he returning to a treasured community, but he loved the app and all the opportunities within it. Ros is a big advocate for Revolut, just ask his friends and family who are all now hooked on it too. There is a joy in being part of the process for him - every innovation he makes has an impact on him and his loved ones.  

That drive and community has enabled him as he’s helped to develop our credit product. Credit is the most regulated product that Revolut is likely to ever have, and building it requires cross-collaboration from a number of teams. Without agility and cooperation, it would be a monumental task to achieve in our desired timeframe: “Because I have this long history at Revolut, I’ve made so many connections and know exactly who to speak to when we need to get something done, so we’re able to move faster and deliver more.”

As the credit team prepares to launch their product, they’re creating a scalable global team structure that will enable more efficient rollout in the future. If you want to join Ros and the rest of his team on one of the most exciting launches that Revolut will make in the next year, you can go to our careers page and find out which roles we’re hiring for in London, Vilnius, and Warsaw!