Connect Xero with Revolut Business 🤝

Domenico De Fano

 · 12/10/2018  · 12/10/2018

There’s nothing more frustrating than having to manually move spreadsheets from one platform to another - it’s tedious, time-consuming and totally avoidable. Wait, what?!

Revolut Business has always been about saving you time, money and helping you stay in control of your business finances, be it through multi-currency accounts, a streamlined online banking portal, or more clever features like Revolut Connect - the app store for business banking.

Over the last few months, we’ve been pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with the Revolut Business Open API, building custom integrations to some of the most popular tools out there - think Slack, Zapier and so on.

We’re now taking it one step further by joining forces with Xero as an integrated partner. By combining the benefits of both their newly launched Bank Feed API with our Connect platform, we’ve created a radically better integration.

So, after many sleepless nights, thousands of lines of code and back to back meetings, we’re proud to finally give you the most highly requested feature for our business accounts - the Revolut Xero integration. And here’s what this means for you and your business:

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✅ Full automation

Using our integration, you can connect your Revolut Business account to Xero, allowing you to seamlessly sync transactions between the two platforms. This means that you no longer have to manually export and import spreadsheets, saving you precious time.

By having the two accounts speaking the same language, with Xero receiving transaction feeds directly from your Revolut account, there’s little need for human intervention - which ultimately reduces human error and makes your business more efficient.

✅ Accurate financials

Most traditional bank feeds update transactions once a day, so no matter how fast your Xero account is, your feed will nearly always lag behind, giving you (or your accountant) an outdated view of your financials.

With our Xero integration, transactions get updated much more frequently and you can also manually re-sync your transaction feed at any time. This means you’ll be able to track your business’ financial health almost in real time.

✅ Better statements

One of the main problems with integrations in general is a lack of flexibility. In our industry, this usually translates into incomplete statements, missing information and so on.

We've worked closely with accountants to provide superior statements in Xero, which include support for multi-currency accounts, payee name, notes and more.

✅ Complete control

No account would be complete without putting you in full control of your finances - at least in our view. That’s why our Xero integration (and most other ones in Revolut Connect) allow you to sync, pause and resume activity at any time, at the click of a button.

✅ Set up in seconds

Think about your traditional business bank account and consider the time it takes to run some basic task like exporting a bunch of statements - it’s not really quick or intuitive, is it?

With Revolut, you can set up your Xero integration in seconds - literally. What’s more, if you’ve already been using both Revolut Business and Xero, you can simply sync up your accounts and let us stream all your past and future transactions automatically - all hassle-free, of course.

🤑 I’m sold. How do I set it up?

Easy - First, log into your Revolut Business account, navigate to the Connect tab in the menu and click on the Xero button. Then, simply follow the steps on screen to connect to your Xero account, directly from your Revolut Business online portal.

Connect Xero 👨‍💻