Discontinuing support for Android KitKat OS πŸ“±

Rob Braileanu

 Β· 08/07/2018  Β· 08/07/2018

With new devices coming out each year, sometimes it can be hard to keep up with the speed at which technology advances.

Despite the fact that Google stopped supporting the KitKat OS version some time ago, we continued to offer a version of the Revolut App for those Android users running this edition of the operating system - but not for much longer!

From the end of August we'll no longer be able to fix any issues that are reported on Android devices running KitKat OS.

Instead, we are encouraging our Android users to update their devices to the latest operating system - Pie 9.0.

Why are you discontinuing support for KitKat? πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ

Google, the company looking after the Android operating system, stopped offering support for KitKat OS about a year ago.

This means that there have been no updates for this version of the operating system, including some critical security fixes. So, in order to protect our Android users, we've decided to stop supporting KitKat OS.

When are you discontinuing it? πŸ—“

We'll stop offering support for the Revolut App on Android devices running KitKat OS from the 21st of August 2018.

Let us keep you updated! πŸ‘‹πŸ»

What do I need to do? πŸ€”

For security reasons, we advise all our Android users running KitKat OS to upgrade to the latest version of the operating system. By doing this you'll help to protect your account and also gain access to all the latest updates and features - giving you the best experience of the Revolut app! πŸ‘ŒπŸ»

What will be the new minimum supported Android OS? πŸ“±

As of August 21st, the minimum requirement for Android devices supported by the Revolut app is Lollipop OS version 5.0.

What if my device doesn't support Lollipop OS? πŸ˜’

Whilst there won't be an immediate effect on mobile banking for Revolut users on the KitKat OS versions, we recommend upgrading to a newer version of the Android operating system.

If your device doesn't support any of the new versions of the Android OS, you should know that:

  • New features will not be supported on devices running KitKat OS
  • You can still use or download Revolut version 5.12 - however, we will eventually drop support for it
  • Existing users on KitKat will be able to continue using the app, even after the August 21, 2018

Update Your Revolut App πŸ“²