EasyJet's Data Breach 2020 - What You Need To Know

Sonja Polimac

 · 05/20/2020  · 05/20/2020

On 19th May 2020, EasyJet disclosed that a "highly sophisticated cyber-attack" exposed the personal details of up to 9 million customers, including 2,208 people whose card details have been compromised.

EasyJet has said that information such as email addresses and travel details were accessed, and that they will contact all customers affected by this incident.

We’re working on contacting customers who have completed transactions with EasyJet so they can be extra vigilant.

What do we know so far?

Since our customers’ safety and security is always our top priority, we are keeping updated with the latest developments and will continue to monitor this in the coming days.

Here’s what we know so far:

  • EasyJet announced that they discovered a “highly sophisticated” cyber-security attack that exposed 9 million customers’ personal details.
  • 2,208 people may have had their card details stolen.
  • EasyJet plans to contact all affected customers by 26th of May, and say they’ve already contacted anyone who may have had their card details stolen.
  • They’ve stressed that there’s no evidence that any personal information has been misused.

What information was breached?

While EasyJet has said there isn’t any evidence of data being misused, the types of personal data accessed, such as email addresses, travel details, and some credit card details, have the potential to cause serious consequences.

What are Revolut doing about it?

Security is our utmost priority, and we want you to know that. When there’s a customer data breach like this, we always check to make sure your money is safe.

Since EasyJet’s announcement, we’ve been running checks on all our customers’ accounts, looking for any suspicious or unusual activity. We’ll let customers know if we find anything. Meanwhile, we’re contacting all our customers who’ve completed transactions with EasyJet so that they can be extra vigilant.

What should I do?

If you’ve been affected in any way, EasyJet should get in touch with you within the next week to let you know. You can also contact EasyJet via their support page.

If you’ve already been notified by EasyJet that your card details have been exposed, please freeze your card in the Revolut app right away, and get in touch with our in-app support team — they are available 24/7 and will be able to cancel your card and send a new one to you for free.

Since email addresses and travel details were accessed, we also recommend changing your EasyJet password and staying extra vigilant for any potential phishing scams, spam emails or any out of the ordinary communications.

We’ll take every step possible to protect you, your details, and your finances. These have been our key principles of business from the very beginning. We’ll be updating this blog post as we know more. In the meantime, if you have any questions, our in-app support team is always here to help.