Sharmi Sheth is aiding the fight for humanity — one act of service at a time (SG and AU)

Jocelyn Kaylee Neo

 · 05/19/2021  · 05/19/2021

We all know someone who’s suffered from COVID-19 in one way or another. For one of our own Revoluters, Sharmi Sheth, it was the harrowing experience of being infected with the virus and being at its mercy for months. The Operations Manager for Revolut India has since recovered, and has now redirected her efforts towards pro-bono services to help alleviate pressures during these troubling times.

Bridging the socioeconomic gap with empathy

Sharmi grew up recognising her privilege of having access to resources and good education. While she worked hard to make the most of the advantage she was given, she also understood the importance of giving back to society. Especially with countries with massive equality gaps like India, where most are heavily dependent on others for survival. COVID-19 has only further exposed the agonies of being less privileged with no way of escape: living in crowded cities with limited access to medical care.

It is this juxtaposition that compelled the London Business School alumnus to act. Pained for her country folk, she turned to the LinkedIn community, offering career guidance and support with business school applications in exchange for donations to any Indian COVID-19 relief charity. Her hope is for this initiative to take a life of its own - that those who benefit would be inspired and pay it forward in their own unique ways.

“We’re at an important juncture where we, as India, will either come out stronger or completely fall apart. And it’s up to people like you and I — to choose humanity above everything else, to pool together what we have and look out for each other as one community.”

Paving the way for lasting impact with Revolut

This isn’t the only time Sharmi has sent a social movement rippling. As founder of Consult for Humanity, a pro-bono consulting outfit that helps non-profit organisations get professional guidance to do more good, she’s become good at sniffing out opportunities to uplift communities. It’s exactly what drew her to Revolut, which she believes has the potential to create real social change by dramatically lowering the barrier to better personal financial management and creating more wealth in the economy.

“People who don’t have much for themselves can’t do more for others. But if a fintech entrant like Revolut can change that and multiply the common man’s resources, we’ll all have more to give. This is a powerful way to break the poverty cycle and change the fate of millions.”  

Do you share Sharmi’s passion for making a difference? Come join our Revoluters in India as they revolutionise the way people understand and interact with money. We’re hiring, so make sure to explore our open roles.