Forget work from home. Enjoy flexibility with our temporary working abroad policy 🌎 (AU and SG)

Jocelyn Kaylee Neo

 · 04/14/2021  · 04/14/2021

Throughout the pandemic, we’ve worked hard to support our people as we reinvent how the world does money. We reimagined our work space, provided ergonomic work equipment, and launched a suite of initiatives internally to keep spirits up while our teams worked from home.

Now, we’ve gone a step further. “Our employees asked for flexibility, and that’s what we’re giving them,” says Jim MacDougall, VP of People at Revolut.

With our new 60-day temporary work abroad policy, Revoluters can work from almost anywhere in the world - as long as they have the right to work in their destination of choice.

Here are a few reasons why our people are looking forward to taking the next flight out (where health and safety regulations around the global pandemic allow).

Reconnecting with family and friends 🥰

Miss mom’s stories or dad’s dad jokes? Revoluters who’d previously moved for work can finally return home to be with their family and friends for longer periods - up to 60 days over a rolling period of 12 months.

Hanzel Jesus Oreamuno, our FinCrime Analyst based in Kraków, Poland, recently travelled to be with his parents in their Costa Rica home. “It’s important to be close to loved ones, especially with the pandemic reminding us that all things are transient. I’m so thankful for this time I have with my family.”

Getting inspired 🎨

With flexibility to explore new places after work hours, our Revoluters can now look to the French Alps or the Grand Canyon for fresh ideas.

Chiara Baroni, our PR and Communications Manager for the DACH region, is temporarily working out of Tenerife, Spain. “Being able to work away from home and with ideal scenery has allowed me to be much more productive and creative. I definitely feel a sense of renewed energy.”

Taking a much-needed breather 🌴

Think working out of different cafés in Seoul, Korea and heading to Jeju Island on the weekends.

Wen Chen, our Senior Recruiter for the Asia-Pacific region, plans to trade Singapore for Hawaii when leisure travel resumes. “I’ll no longer have to pull a fake beach background on Google Hangouts. And, I’ll be able to head out for a swim in the vast Pacific Oceans whenever I want.”

Where would you go? A career with Revolut will take you places. Explore your next role on our Careers page.

Note: Revoluters will have the opportunity to temporarily work abroad from their employment country when travel restrictions ease and under guidance from national health authorities. To create this policy in a way that's as beneficial and convenient as possible for our people, Revolut studied applicable corporate tax, immigration, income tax and social security regulations. All requests to work abroad temporarily will be reviewed internally and are subject to approval.