Female and CEO: Yoko Makiguchi (SG and AU)

Jocelyn Kaylee Neo

 · 09/22/2021  · 09/22/2021

Yoko Makiguchi isn’t your typical Japanese woman. For starters, she has a wealth of international experience in the financial sector. She’s also CEO at Revolut Japan, which places her in an elite group of female chief executives, who make up less than 7% of the country’s top guns in business.

Yoko recently spoke with the brilliant minds behind Ventures in the East, detailing her experience at the intersection of culture, business and gender. Our favourite quote?

“The glass ceiling is obviously there...but Nik picked me [to be CEO]. He looked at my skill set, and said, “You fit the job criteria; just give it a try.” And because I had this opportunity, I’m going to empower more people.”

Empower, indeed. 71% of Yoko’s management team in Revolut Japan is filled by females. This is a big deal, especially since the country’s average sits at 19%. (Join the team, here.)

Take a walk in Yoko’s footsteps by listening to her Ventures in the East: At the intersection of Japan’s fintech industry and female leadership episode, and get inspired to break gender barriers.